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Money Saving Ideas For Couples

In a relationship and need to tighten your budget? Here are some easy money saving strategies to ensure you and your partner are on the same page about money, to help you enjoy life together without stressing about money.


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Money is the number-one reason that couples argue, and it can be a big factor in relationships ending. These 10 helpful tips will save you and your partner money on everything from bills and everyday expenses to date nights and balancing your food budget. Helping you to get your finances in check, live within your budget and even set aside some cash for your future.




1 - Move in Together & Get a Joint Account

If the time is right of course! If you are considering moving in together, you should do it sooner rather than later. Sharing a home can save you so much money by merging your out-goings and splitting the cost.

Combining your finances and creating a joint account can help you budget for non-essential items and expenses that you might pay together, such as holidays, cars and weddings etc.  If you live together, these can be used to ensure you pay equal amounts towards the house and bills.

2 - Discuss your Financial Goals

It's hard to save money if you and your partner don't have the same priorities, you both need to be on the same page when it comes to your finances and what you can reasonably afford. When making any savings plan, it’s key to account for what your future goals are and what you’re actually saving for. By gauging what you want to have and what you want to accomplish in the future, you can adjust your savings plan as needed.

3 - Create a Joint Budget

Now that your finances are combined, it’s time to trade in your solo budgets for a new couple’s budget. Once you have discussed your goals, it's a good idea to write them down, you can use a spreadsheet or one of the many free resources available here including our free budget planner to help you keep track of your monthly income / outgoings and savings.  We also have a yearly savings goal template you can print off for free.  

4 - Cut up your Credit Cards

These little plastic devils are far too tempting to have laying around. The interest is so high and it's easy to spiral out of control into a vicious circle of only paying off the interest and never taking a chunk out of the money owed.  If you don't have one, there's no temptation and you can only spend what you have.  

5 - Consolidate your Debts

Make the most out of your joint money and consolidate outgoing expenses with your partner whenever possible. The easiest things to consolidate include utility bills, phone contracts, loans, credit cards and digital/online subscriptions.



6 - Cancel Unnecessary Subscriptions

Now that you're together officially you have each other for company so you can ditch those digital and online subscriptions you racked up when you were single such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Sky extras. 

7 - Work Out Together

The average gym membership in the UK is £15 per month for budget gyms and upwards of £30 for council run gyms with swimming included - this is per person! Most couples spend £30-£60 per month on gym memberships alone. There's are so many ways you can work out for free from home and out in your local area, and when you're doing it together it's so much more fun. It's also great for motivation when one doesn't feel like working out that day. 

8 - Go on Cheap Dates

There's so many ways you can spend quality time with a partner, without breaking the bank. Making a romantic dinner, having a movie night in, going to see a local band at a free event, outdoor picnics with a bottle of wine or even going for a walk are fun and affordable.  While going out to fancy restaurants and concerts can make for amazing date nights, they can also cost a fortune. Saving money with inexpensive date ideas is key to keeping your monthly budget down.


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9 - Budget Grocery Shopping

One of the main expenses you will face when you become a family is the weekly food shop bill. You really need to save money on groceries as much as possible, you should use meal plans and grocery budget templates every week religiously, which will really help you keep in budget. Also buy and freeze reduced items whenever you see them. 


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10 - Take Cheap Holidays

Everyone deserves a break away and there's plenty of ways to save money when booking a holiday so that you can enjoy a well deserved jaunt - without breaking the bank.  You can look into camping instead of pricey hotels, book a late deal from loveholidays.com (I swear by this website - you can search by whole month and me and my partner go away twice a year for about £200pp) or check out Groupons Getaways for some absolutely amazing deals on travel.  


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As always, if you know of any other great ways to save money and balance the budget with your partner, please let us know in the comments below...



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