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Money Saving Central was founded in 2016. Our all-in-one Money Saving Blog Features Flash Deals, Sales information, Free Stuff, and Tips on Saving & Making Money. We help people all over the UK to live Frugally, Save Money, and Cut Costs. 

At Money Saving Central you will find Fashion & Gift ideas to savings on Food & Groceries, Electronics, Mobile and Tech & Seasonal Shopping too.  So whatever you’re shopping for, we've got it covered! 


Our Mission & Vision

To Save You Money...

We are one of the very few Money Saving websites that will not work with brands on sponsored posts, as we ONLY promote items and services we have used ourselves or come highly recommended by our community.

Once brands pay bloggers to review a product they become highly involved and manipulate every word written in an article, these articles can never fully be trusted as the bloggers wouldn't get paid for writing anything negative...

You won't find any spam here, just genuine deals and money saving advice found and shared by Money Saving Gurus Claire and Ashleigh, which is why we're the money saving blog you can trust.


We have a very active Facebook Page and Facebook Group where you can find huge savings on deals all year round.



Meet The Dream Team

Claire Roach

claire msc

Founder and Head of Website Content

  Having five children means Saving Money is absolutely pivotal to my family - and I'm really good at it, so I created MSC & built up this amazing money saving community.

I am a workaholic and you can find me most days glued to my laptop, writing articles for the blog, tweaking the website and hunting for deals! As well as running my web design company, cooking, cleaning, school runs and all that other fun stuff!

I have followed all the major deal, voucher code and Money blogs for many years, my goal was always to have my own one day - but life and work got in the way.  When I was pregnant with my twins in 2016, I found myself laid up in bed really poorly with loads of time on my hands, which is when Money Saving Central was born.

 I pride myself on genuine Savings & Deals with no compromise, I won't promote anything I don't 100% believe in, even if that means I don't get paid!  

Ashleigh Swan

claire msc

Head of Social Media and PR Contact

   Heeyyy!! I'm Ashleigh, some of you may recognise me from Ashleigh Money Saver but I no longer work there. I have teamed up with Claire now and we are a dream duo!

You will often find me at the beach with my kids and dog, I am dog crazy and want a house full! The only thing stopping me is my husband 🤨 My hobbies include fixing your eyebrows in my head, tattoos, going to music gigs, and true crime documentaries.

Over the years, I have done everything from TV shows to radio. I love to get out there giving the public our money saving hints, tricks and latest bargains. I came number 72 on the Top 100 Britons list of 2014 alongside The Queen, Victoria Beckham and even Ed Sheeran! I also beat the likes of Kirsty Alsopp and Kathryn Jenkins to bag the No.1 spot for High Profile Working Mother of the Year in 2016.

Oh and Carole Baskin definitely did kill her husband, I could debate this all day long...  



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