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Claire is a mother of 5 who managed to go from being £25,000 in debt to being a full time, work from home mum. She founded Money Saving Central in 2016 after quitting a 15-year career in web development, to pursue her lifelong dream of saving people money and earning a living from home, so that she was able to work and take care of her large family. 

Fast Forward another 10 years and Claire is now known as the UK's #1 'Online Shopping Expert', she is known for creating sale date tracking to reveal UK sale dates for savvy shoppers to be able to stay ahead of their online shopping game and pay as little as possible for their purchases - no matter how unpopular it makes her with the major UK retailers!

Featured in major news outlets and TV shows such as 'This Morning', 'The Times Money Mentor' 'Closer magazine, 'The Guardian' and many more for her posts such as the viral 'Kids Eat Free' and 'Supermarket 25% off Wine Deal Dates' promotions she features. 

Fun Fact: Money Saving Central was set up from a hospital bed! 

In 2016, whilst pregnant with her twin daughters, Claire became very sick with Cholestasis and found herself on bed rest for many months. This is when she decided to pursue her lifelong dream of setting up a Money Saving Hub where people could come to find deals, money saving advice, freebies and free printable aids to help them on their journey.

With her expertise in web design, creating the site wasn't the problem, having the time to set something up that could very well fail was! 

Claire Says...

Money Saving Central has taken thousands of hours of work (and tears) but now I look at it and feel so incredibly proud. I had no idea quite how challenging it would be and how many hurdles there would be along the way. Having 5 children and running a business was utterly exhausting - but I wouldn't change a thing.



 Meet the Founder


Claire Roach

Claire Roach the UKs #1 Online Shopping Expert

Founder & Head of Website Content

Claire Says...

"Having five children means Saving Money is pivotal to my family, and I'm really good at it, which is why I created MSC & built up this amazing money saving community, to help others do the same.

I am a workaholic and you can find me most days glued to my laptop, writing articles for the blog, tweaking the website and hunting for deals! As well as running my web design company, cooking, cleaning, school runs and all that other fun stuff!

 I pride myself on genuine Savings & Deals with no compromise, I won't promote anything I don't 100% believe in, even if that means I don't get paid!"




About Money Saving Central

We Find, You Save...

Money Saving Central was founded in 2016 by online shopping expert Claire Roach. Our all-in-one Money Saving Blog Features Flash Deals, Sales information, Free Stuff, and Tips on Saving & Making Money. We help people all over the UK to shop savvy, live Frugally, Save Money, and Cut Costs. 

At Money Saving Central you will find Fashion & Gift ideas to savings on Food & Groceries, Electronics, Mobile and Tech & Seasonal Shopping too.  So whatever you’re shopping for, we've got it covered! 


Mission & Vision

To Save You Money...

Money Saving Central is one of the very few Money Saving websites that will not work with brands on sponsored posts, as we ONLY promote items and services we have used ourselves or come highly recommended by our community.

Once brands pay bloggers to review a product they become highly involved and manipulate every word written in an article, these articles can never fully be trusted as the bloggers wouldn't get paid for writing anything negative...


Ethos & Trust

Claire's Promise...

You won't find any spam here, just genuine deals and money saving advice found and shared by Money Saving Guru Claire.

Founder Claire, expertly crafts every single article on this site. No guest writers, AI (Artificial Intelligence) Apps are used whatsoever including ChatGPT.  

Each article is thoroughly researched and frequently updated to include new, changing and relevant information pertaining to the subject. We also welcome comments and emails from our followers to help us achieve the highest standards of information.

To learn more about our Ethos and commitment to our readers, please read our Editorial Policy



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