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Moneysavingcentral.co.uk is a UK based Money Saving Blog with a twist! Passionate about personal finance and helping people to live frugally, save money and cut costs.  Launched in November 2016 the website features Money Saving advice, Sale Date Reveals, Online Glitches, New Out Products, Deals, Discounts and Bargains in the UK.  

We are proud to be one of very few Money Saving websites that is completely manual.  All our deals and sales information are handpicked, checked and verified by us, giving it that personal touch.  We work hard all year round to secure the biggest exclusive offers just for our followers. 

A Helping Hand For Your Brand...

Thank you for taking an interest in collaborating with my UK based finance and Money Saving blog

At Money Saving Central our motto is...

“Every Penny Saved is a Penny earned”.

Our Money Saving blog is often the first port of call for many people who are looking to find deals or to save money.  Collaborations are welcome with brands that are a great fit for my audience.


Social Media Collaborations

 If you would like to team up with Money Saving Central to run a Product Promotion, Exclusive or Competition.

We would love to hear from you!

A popular choice is our Facebook page with 250K keen money savers

Competition Collaborations

We offer Competition Giveaway Coolabs

Prizes must have a value of £100 or more (or less with a fee) and we will create a competition blog post.

The competition will be shared on our social media at various intervals.


UK Travel & Days Out Reviews

We're pleased to announce our brand new Travel review section. We review UK based hotels, breaks, days out, shows and more. 

If you have something suitable for us to review and you would like to be included, please get in touch we work on a gifted and paid basis. 

Note: We only include genuine reviews, in line with MSCs ethos. If we are gifted an experience, or paid to stay, the review will be a true reflection of our trip/day out. Unlike other bloggers, we will absolutely not agree to any reviews whereby the criteria is a positive only review.  (that's not to say our review will contain any negatives, if the stay is perfect, it will be communicated as such) 


Social Media Product Posting

Requirements: Send all details of the product in your email including:

> Purchase link

> Image of your product

> Price

Also include the details of any discount you intend to provide to our viewers to complement your product, including: Percentage off, Exclusivity, and Validity.

Please note! We do not spam our fans for the sake of making a few quid - we only post GENUINE deals and offers that we believe will benefit our viewers, which is why 90% of proposals are rejected.

I check every item sent over and if I can find it or something similar for cheaper, it will be rejected.  To make the cut on our Facebook page you would need to give us something exclusive.


Sponsored Blog Posts

We offer sponsored blog posts with very strict criteria. We only ever promote products and services we feel bring some value to our readers. Here are some ideas that should be helpful if you’re thinking about working with Money Saving Central:

  • Ways for People to Make or Save Money
  • Products that provide long-term investment
  • New Products/Services that are cheaper than currently recommended ones
  • Apps/Tools & Websites designed for saving money
  • Reviews for an approved niche website or product

All products and services must have been tested and approved by MSC before a post can be considered.

Image Licencing

We post in-store pictures of new items, sales and bargain finds, from major UK retailers which occasionally go viral or can't be found elsewhere online. These images are posted to all our social media pages but remain copyright of Money Saving Central. 

Please note, all images will contain our trademark, unless explicitly agreed. This can be removed for a further fee. 

  • Removing or altering our trademarked logo / copyright notice from an image or stripping metadata from the picture file is a flagrant breach of the DMCA and will be subject to legal action. 

To licence any image found on Money Saving Central and our Social Channels please contact legal@moneysavingcentral.co.uk


Latest Stats

Please download our media kit to get all the latest blog stats, social stats and audience overview in a handy PDF.

Money Saving Central's Audience 

Our readers are predominantly females who are aged between 25-34 years old.  56.14% are from the UK and 33.24% are from the USA.

What are you waiting for?

If you have a collaboration idea or you would like Money Saving Central to be your brand ambassador please get in touch with us and we’ll get the ball rolling. Simply email your proposal to info@moneysavingcentral.co.uk with the subject line: Collaboration