Cheap Date Night Ideas for Couples on a Budget

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Frugal Date Night Ideas

Don't let your budget stop you enjoying a bit of romance with your partner. It sometimes feels like my relationship is put on the back burner due to costs, the kids always need something, the house always needs something and there's always a bill that needs paying.


10 Cheap Date Night Ideas


A date night (or day) doesn’t have to be expensive, there's plenty of free and frugal ways to enjoy quality time together – a cheap date simply means you can have more of them!

The Key To a Good Date Night

Money Saving as a Couple is important but shouldn't compromise your relationship, which is the reason I put together this list of cheap date ideas, so that we could still have fun together and enjoy each others company - without breaking the bank.

You can adapt any of these ideas to suit your needs and always try to borrow as much of the stuff for the activity to save even more money...

1 - Casino Night

Grab a green table cloth, a pack of cards, some wine, snacks and a fist full of monopoly money to create your very own casino night, you can even ask around if anyone has any poker sets or casino games you can lend for the evening.  Then both of your write down the prize of your choice (could be a massage off your partner, dishes for a month etc ) and keep score all night, the one with the highest overall score of the night gets their prize - whatever it is!   Don't forget to dress's a Casino after all. 

2 - Create a Spa at Home

This one's my favourite, I love nothing more than coming home from work to a glass of wine, some fresh strawberries, a big bubble bath, candles and a pamper off my hubby.  He grabs us some face masks and we give each other massages with essential oils - it's a fantastic night. You can even watch some youtube videos to teach you how to give a great massage, then take turns perfecting your techniques.


3 - Do Something your Partner Loves

Adding a personal touch always goes down well in a relationship as it proves you want to make the night all about them. Play to your partners interests, for example, if your loved one is a huge fan of animals, go to a farm for the day, or if he/she loves classic cars, go to a free local car show. It might not be your idea of fun but as the saying goes 'happy wife, happy life'. 


4 - Cinema Deals

Buy a days travel insurance on Compare the Market for around £2 and you get 241 movies (and meals) on Tuesdays and Wednesdays via Meerkat movies rewards. Remember to buy snacks before you get there, to save even more money, as cinemas are notoriously expensive for food and drinks. When you buy your snacks, choose packets with the 'sweet Sundays' deal and once you collect enough, you can have a completely free cinema date on a Sunday at any Cineworld. 


Check out how to get FREE cinema tickets



5 - Candlelit Meal

A much cheaper way to cook a meal is to buy a M&S dine in for two meal. You can enjoy a two course meal with wine, which is easy to cook and much cheaper than going out to a restaurant - you also won't need a babysitter.  I personally prefer the M&S deal but other supermarkets like Co-op, Tesco and ASDA offer similar deals too. Turn on the music and enjoy cooking it together - don't forget to lay the table nicely, with a candle for maximum effect! 


6 - Beach Fire

Make a fire down on the beach at dusk. Take a blanket, a flask of hot cocoa and some marshmallows to toast - This is free. romantic as hell and hands down, the best date ever.


beach fire


7 - Go for a Picnic

Whether it be an evening picnic, gazing at the stars or on a sunny day in a secluded field, a picnic is a perfect choice for a date. Think of the perfect spot, pack up a blanket, food, and drinks then whisk your loved one off for a bit of together time. 


8 - Wine, Cheese & Games

A simple night in with some wine and a cheese board and a few games is my idea of heaven.  The cheese board has to be laid out beautifully, with different types of cheese and grapes and a few different wines to try along with the cheeses - Yum! We also play some board games, as well as a quiz game we made up called 'How well do you know me' in which we ask each other 10 questions that the other should really know the answer to.  The partner with the least correct answers gets to tidy up (in the morning of course).


9 - Grab a Groupon

Watch out for restaurant, event and activity deals on Groupon or Wowcher and plan your date around that!  You can get some amazing deals on days out and meals in your local area. You can sweeten the deal even further with our Groupon Seasonal Picks which give up to 50% off your first deal. 


10 - Romantic Walk

Take a stroll down by the water, this is one of the easiest free ways to spend some time together. Walk, talk to each other, get some fresh air and exercise too! You can even maybe stop off for a bag of chips and find somewhere nice to sit and eat, whilst watching the sunset. 



Now with all these ideas above, don't ASK your partner if they fancy doing it, because 9 times out of 10 we give excuses.  Sort it all out and surprise them with your hard work, there's nothing sexier in a partner than spontaneity! 

As always, I hope this has given you a few ideas for some ‘cheap dates’ - If you know of any other ideas we may have missed on, I’d love to hear them! Please let us know in the comments below...




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