Best Websites to Find Cheap Holidays & Last Minute Travel Deals

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Where to Find Cheap Holidays Online

A question we're often asked with regards to saving money when booking a holiday abroad is "Which are the best online websites to find Cheap Holidays & Last Minute Travel Deals"


the best websites to find cheap holidays last minute travel deals


So we have put together our top pick of travel websites and how to search them properly to get the best deals - ensuring you get more for your money when booking a holiday.


The 10 Best Websites to Find Cheap Holidays

From all inclusive package holidays to booking separate flights & hotels, we're all down for Saving Money when Booking a Holiday, so here are the sites you need to check out...

1 - LoveHolidays

My number one go-to website for finding discounted holidays and last minute deals. I love the fact you can search for any destination and the whole month instead of having to put a certain date in. This option saves so much time and allows you to have a much broader search. I never spend more than £300 per person (All Inclusive) and that's flying from my local airport which doesn't have budget airlines - so those of you lucky enough to live near an airport which does, will get some absolute steals. They offer a low deposit scheme and loads of different payment options which is great when you can't afford to pay for it all in one go. 

Visit LoveHolidays


2 - On The Beach

If you want to bag a deal and are flexible on your destination and dates, OnTheBeach is always good for a browse. You can filter by categories like flights, hotels and also create package deals. The search function is another great one, allowing you to search by whole month and any areas which is super great for those of us just looking for a cheap deal. The only downside is that most holidays are payable in full. 

Visit OnTheBeach


3 - eBookers

I love the BONUS+ loyalty scheme provided by eBookers, which earns you rewards when booking hotels and flights via the site.  There's plenty of great deals and they come in around the same price as the other budget travel agents (sometimes more so check) but you can get great rates of cashback at eBookers via topcashback, sometimes up to as much as 14% making them a great choice.  The search function lets them down though as there's not even an option for the 3+ days flexibility which makes searching a chore when you don't have set dates and are flexible on destination/date. 



4 -

Another great website for finding some of the cheaper deals. The search function is somewhat tiresome though as you have to choose your particular destination and you have to choose a specific date which means it takes a lot longer to search if you're only trying to bag a deal with no particular preference.  I do find that a lot of the best deals on here happen to come from LoveHolidays but weirdly can sometimes be a few £s cheaper and the price sticks when redirected to LoveHolidays. 



5 - TravelZoo

Firstly you need to sign up to emails for TravelZoo or they won't let you search the website, which in itself annoys the hell out of me, and normally I would just go elsewhere, but a deals a deal. They aren't an independent travel agent - their model is more of a deal aggregate website.  They trawl the web much like IceLolly and find the best deals at the best prices.




6 - Groupon

You can get some really good getaways on the travel section at Groupon. As well as a wide array of package holidays abroad, you can get UK based weekends away too, there's also more unusual options such as 'Mystery Getaways', where you only find out your destination after booking, and 'Quirky accommodation' options for glamping, spa hotels and experiences. The deals are time limited though and you need to regularly check and act fast when you find the perfect deal.

Visit Groupon


7 - Wowcher

Much like Groupon, Wowcher offers a good travel and getaway section. The deals aren't the same though so it's worth checking both. The reason I like Groupon and Wowcher so much is that they are exclusive offers that you won't find on travel agent websites or on comparison type searches such as TravelZoo

Visit Wowcher


8 - Teletext Holidays

Now teletext holidays have very good reviews, probably the best out of the bunch, can't book online and the prices are always 'from' - so every time I ring up about a deal I have found, it's never the enticing price they advertise online. I have found deals as low as £225 per person all inclusive, yet when I ring it jumps up by £100 which is a substantial difference. So for me, even though the price is still great and the reviews are promising, the false advertising is enough to ring alarm bells.  I like to book online and am not fussed on the hard sell of speaking to people either.



9 -

The deals can definitely be found here but again, another underwhelming search function which lets the website down.  You have to search by exact date and destination.  This is ok if you know what your after but no good for finding those juicy deals.



10 - Travel Supermarket

Probably the best known travel comparison website but I'm personally underwhelmed by the search function.  Although the deals are there, finding them is a chore. You have to put exact dates and destination which means hours of searching if you're simply there to see what's cheap. 




In conclusion, the best way to get travel deals and really cheap holidays is to be flexible on date and destination, and search the travel agencies that offer the broadest search functions - LoveHolidays and On The Beach are definitely the top two for this and you're guaranteed to find some absolute bargains.

As always, if you know of any great travel agencies that offer holiday bargains not to be missed, please let us know in the comments below!



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