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Mail Rewards

How to get FREE Nectar Points every day using the Daily Mail Rewards Club. If you're a Regular Daily Mail or Mail on Sunday reader, you can earn £20 - £40 a year in Nectar points with MyMail Rewards.


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Daily Mail Rewards is a customer loyalty scheme that My Mail Rewards connect to your Nectar card, which rewards customers with Nectar points simply for reading the Daily Mail and the Mail on Sunday - in print and online. 

Daily Mail Rewards

In this article, we take a look at how the popular reward scheme works and how you can maximise the benefits. 

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What is MyMail?

MyMail is the heart of Mail Rewards and everything else that you love about the Daily Mail. You can easily grab the latest benefits that MyMail has to offer with its quick and simple reward schemes – including Nectar rewards since the Mail partnered with them in 2017.

The Mail is now the place that gives out the most generous amount of Nectar points overall. MyMail is free to sign up to – what are you waiting for, Read the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday to start earning rewards today.?


How to get started

Firstly, if you haven’t already done so, you’ll need to set up a MyMail account before linking this to your Nectar account. Being a member of Nectar, you are required to have your card number and password. If you don’t have a Nectar account, you can easily set up your Nectar card number by using the MyMail site. If you’ve forgotten your Nectar password, don’t worry – you can easily reset it online.


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How you can save and spend Nectar points with MyMail

Saving and spending Nectar points via MyMail couldn’t be easier. Look out for the unique set of 12 numbers at the bottom of the back page of your Mail newspaper.

Enter this 12-number code on the MyMail site to earn your Nectar points. It might be worth noting that you have 3 days to enter your codes before they expire, so if you don’t get a chance to do it or forget within the first 24 hours, don’t worry! The Mail gives you plenty of time to redeem rewards from these codes.


How to get Nectar Points with MyMail?

There are three main ways to collect points, as follows...

mymail nectar points

If you’re not a subscriber, you can earn up to 50 Nectar points a week. This includes 5 Nectar points per day on weekdays (Mon-Fri), 10 Nectar points on Saturdays, and 15 Nectar points on Sundays.

If you subscribe to the digital edition of the Mail, there are no 12-digit codes to enter, but you will still be rewarded with 50 Nectar points directly to your Nectar account by the 21st day of the next month. This will continue for as long as you keep subscribing to the digital edition.

If you are a subscriber to the ultimate pack, you can collect double what you would otherwise. That’s right – with weekday papers, you can earn 10 Nectar points a day, 20 points on Saturdays, and a whopping 30 points on Sundays. With this package, you can get a maximum of 250 Nectar points per month. These points really do add up as the year goes on, allowing you to save and spend with ease, knowing that you’ve done your bit to help out your budget.


Problems with the codes?

If you still can’t access the 12-digit number, whether it has been ripped from the newspaper or you’ve tried entering the code and have been told that this code has already been entered, there are still ways to access your points. You can easily use the MyMail online missing number system online.

You will be directed to a short questionnaire and will have to fill out the date of your paper, the reason why you can’t access the number code, and answer a question on the content on one of the pages of your newspaper. If you choose the correct answer, bearing in mind that these questions aren’t too difficult, then you should be rewarded with your Nectar points in no time.

NOTE: The points can take up to 2 weeks for the points to appear on your statement, so don’t fret if they’re not showing straight away.


Is it worth it?

If you’re a keen reader of the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday newspapers, then the answer would be yes – getting a chunk of Nectar points a week may not seem like much money, but these points add up throughout the months to substantial amounts. If you love the papers and you love earning rewards, then taking part in this Nectar scheme is definitely worth it.

The points add up quickly when you redeem them from other sites too. This money-saving technique requires little effort – if you have a MyMail account, it’s harmless to earn small rewards just for your loyalty – you’re basically being given free money!


What are Nectar Points and how much are they Worth?

You may be wondering what the big deal is about. Well, for money-saving lovers, Nectar, as a popular loyalty card scheme, comes in very handy for generating a little money to help out with your spending. The company is partnered with other big-name companies such as Sainsbury’s, where you can spend all the points you earn, using them as an equivalent to cash.

1 Nectar point is worth half a penny - Not a lot, however, these points can build-up.

100 Nectar points are worth 50p

200 points are worth £1

300 points are worth £1.50

500 points are worth £2.50 - and so on.

Although it doesn’t seem like a lot, these points can add up over time and save you a substantial amount on your shopping bill!


Nectar Double Points

It might be common knowledge now to the savviest of shoppers that Nectar runs a double-up event, which allows customers to double their Nectar point total to spend in selected stores.

It might be worth saving up all your points until the event is due to launch again – to find out when the next Nectar Double up date is, click below

Nectar Double Up Date


Ways to Earn More Nectar Points

My Nectar prices - Use the APP to unlock bonus points and tailored offers.

You can earn points at Sainsbury's on your grocery shopping, also on Tu Clothing at Argos.

There are 100s of high street retailers joined to the scheme such as NewLook, Groupon, Dorothy Perkins and even Sky Mobile where you can earn points every time you pay your phone bill. 

The way I earn most of my points is by linking my eBay account. As soon as you have linked your account, you will earn nectar points on all purchases

Link Nectar to eBay


Nectar Points Calculator

If your nectar points are building up quickly and you want a simple method to check how much money your points are worth, use a Nectar Points Calculator to do the maths instead of struggling with numbers yourself.

To calculate your Nectar points worth, use our Nectar points Calculator


If you have any thoughts or know of any other ways that people can earn quick and easy rewards, then let us know in the comments below!

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