Nectar Points Calculator - How much are Nectar Points Worth 2024

Nectar Points Calculator

How much are Nectar points worth in 2024? This is a question we get asked a lot, which is why we created this easy, free-to-use, online Nectar points calculator. This online tool calculates your Nectar Points balance - with the click of a button!

free nectar points calculator

Store reward cards are a fantastic way for shoppers to get something back from their everyday shopping.  Nectar is one of the more popular rewards cards with over 300+ big brand partners on board, making it easy to earn points.

Nectar Points Calculator

Collect Nectar points? Our free Nectar points calculator tool will help you easily work out the cash value of your points.

nectar points calculator 


What is Nectar?

Nectar is a popular reward card scheme used by stores such as Sainsbury's, Argos, ESSO, Homebase, eBay, and many more. Simply swipe your card every time you make a purchase at one of the participating stores, and points get added to your account. These points can be converted into cash, vouchers, or purchases. 


How To get a Nectar Card

You can apply for a Nectar card free of charge, online at, or pick one up in participating stores. If you do pick one up in-store, you can use it straight away, then register it when you get home, and you'll still get the points you accumulated that day.

A Nectar card (and key fob) will be sent out in the post within 10 days.

For those who are tech-savvy, you can simply download the APP and scan via your mobile phone each time you shop.


How Much Nectar Points are Worth

You'll earn 1 Nectar Point per £1 spent at Sainsbury's and qualifying partners and these points are worth 0.5p each. Our calculator displays the value of your points in pounds, but Nectar regularly runs offers that boost the value of your points - Notably their Double-Up event.

 1 Nectar Point = 0.5p

 2 Nectar Points = 1p

 100 Nectar Points = 50p

 500 Nectar Points = £2.50

 1000 Nectar Points = £5

During a Double-up event, the points are worth…

 1 Nectar Point = 1p

 2 Nectar Points = 2p

 100 Nectar Points = £1

 500 Nectar Points = £5

 1000 Nectar Points = £10


Wondering when the next 'Double Up' Event Date is? Find out over on our Sale Dates Calendar

Nectar Points Calculator

Points add up quite quickly and can be hard to figure out, so whether you’re saving them up for Christmas or use them regularly, it’s good to know what they are worth by using our Sainsburys points converter tool.


Nectar Points Calculator

How many Nectar Points do you have?


Where you can Collect Nectar Points

You will earn points on all purchases at Sainsbury's online and instore. 

You will also collect Nectar points when spending at other retailers including Argos, Esso, and eBay if you link your Nectar card to them.

You can download the Nectar Toolbar to remind you when you're on a shopping site where you can collect points.

Ways to Earn More Points

My Nectar Points - You can earn points and rewards via Sainbury's brand new APP. 

The Nectar Double Up event is one of the best ways to boost the value of your points when it comes to spending them, you can find out the next Double-Up date here.

Another way to earn points is shopping at certain retailers via the Nectar website  - see the full list of participating retailers here 

Lastly, log in to the Nectar app every Friday and there will be offers loaded with stuff you actually want to buy, such as your favourite buys, which will earn you points boosts. 


Where You Can Spend Your Points

Nectar points can only be spent in Sainsbury's stores, simply hand them to the cashier or scan them at the self-service tills before you pay. They can't be spent online, in Sainsbury's Locals, petrol stations, or in any of the 'Argos at Sainsbury's locations.


What You Can Spend Your Points on

You can spend your points in Sainsbury’s stores in any of these 11 categories below, Unfortunately, groceries and fuel aren't included.







 Seasonal goods - Christmas Decorations etc


 Taste the Difference wines, champagne, sparkling wine, sherry, and port.


 Tu Clothing - Including accessories, footwear, and fancy dress


Do Nectar Points Expire?

Nectar points don’t expire, but they do go inactive if you haven't shopped in a qualifying store and scanned your card for a 12 month period.

But don't panic, to keep them active (even after 12 months and they have gone inactive) you simply need to shop in any Nectar card participating store, swipe your card, and your points will be added and your old points will be active again within 24 hours.

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