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Sainsbury's Nectar Points 'Double Up' Date 2021

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Nectar has been running a popular 'double-up' event for several years now. The yearly promo allows customers to double their Nectar card points total to spend as vouchers on selected categories including Toys, Tu Clothing, Electricals, and Homewares. 

Nectar Double Up Date

If you collect Sainsbury's Nectar card points, you might want to hold off on spending your points until the supermarket's Double Up' promotion has launched again in October 2021.

Sainsbury's Nectar Double Up

Savvy Shoppers can Double up to £100 worth of Nectar Card Points once a year, find out this Year's Date...

Nectar Double Up Date 2021

Next Predicted Date: Thursday 28th October 2021

Nectar Double Up Date 2020

Wednesday 28th October - Tuesday 3rd November 2020 to redeem your vouchers online at

Wednesday 11th November - Tuesday 17th November 2020 via the nectar app to use in-store immediately. 

The vouchers can be spent in-store from Wednesday 11th to Tuesday 17th November 2020


Nectar Double Up Date 2019

Monday 28th October - Sunday 5th November 2019 online

Monday 6th November - Tuesday 19th November 2019 via the app

The vouchers can be spent in-store from Wednesday 13th to Tuesday 19th November 2019


Nectar Double Up Date 2018

Monday 29th October - Sunday 4th November 2018 online

Monday 5th November - Tuesday 13th November 2018 in store

The vouchers can be spent in-store from Wednesday 14th to Tuesday 20th November 2018

Use our Free Nectar Points Calculator to see how much your points are worth

How much are Nectar points worth

1 Nectar Point = 0.5p

2 Nectar Points = 1p

100 Nectar Points = 50p

500 Nectar Points = £2.50

1000 Nectar Points = £5


During a Double-up event, the points are worth…

1 Nectar Point = 1p

2 Nectar Points = 2p

100 Nectar Points = £1

500 Nectar Points = £5

1000 Nectar Points = £10


Sainsbury's Nectar 'Double Up' Tips


nectar points double up


What You Can Spend Your Vouchers on

You can spend your double-up vouchers in Sainsbury’s stores in any of these 11 categories below, Unfortunately, groceries and fuel aren't included.







Seasonal goods - Christmas Decorations etc


Taste the Difference wines, champagne, sparkling wine, sherry, and port.


Tu Clothing - Including accessories, footwear, and fancy dress


Where You Can Spend Your Vouchers

Double up vouchers can only be spent in Sainsbury's stores, simply hand them to the cashier or scan them at the self-service tills before you pay. They can't be spent online, in Sainsbury's Locals, petrol stations or in any of the 'Argos at Sainsbury's' locations.


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Where can you earn Nectar Points

You will earn points on all purchases at Sainsbury's online and instore. 

You will also collect Nectar points when spending at other retailers including Argos, Esso, and eBay if you link your nectar card to them.

Another way to earn points is shopping at certain retailers via the Nectar website  - see the full list of participating retailers here 

You can download the Nectar Toolbar to remind you when you're on a shopping site where you can collect points.


Double Up Voucher Warnings

1 - Vouchers are non-refundable and non-transferable, so make sure you will definitely spend them in one of the above 11 categories before exchanging.

2 - If you lose your vouchers, they will not replace them, so keep them safe. 

3 - You can't earn further Nectar points on double-up purchases.

4 - Make sure you spend your vouchers by the deadline or they will be gone forever. 

5 - You get one voucher at the value you request and it can only be used in one transaction. If you have a £50 voucher and only spend £40 you lose the £10. 

6 - There’s a cap of £50 in vouchers per Nectar account (down from £200 then £100 in previous years).


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