FREE Letter From Santa 2022 Courtesy of Royal Mail

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Free Letter From Santa

Did you know that Royal Mail has a service that will send your child (or children) a personalised letter from Santa, for the price of a stamp? It's the perfect festive freebie to add a touch of magic this Christmas. 

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Royal Mail Santa Letter 2022. Children can get a free letter from Santa at Christmas via Royal Mail, as long as you write to him by early December. Here you can find out everything you need to know including the cut off date for 2022

Free Letter From Santa

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Is Royal Mail doing Santa letters 2022?

Yes, Royal Mail launches its hugely popular Santa Letter service every year, usually mid-October they will release the final date to send off your letters.

Update: The Royal Mail have confirmed that the yearly letters to Santa scheme is definitely going ahead this year and the cut-off date will be announced by the end of October.


Is the Letter Guaranteed?

Unfortunately, No. There are hundreds of thousands of letters sent every year and understandably some times letters can go missing.  I have always got a reply but we have had reports of others who didn't receive theirs. I always post my children's letters mid-November. 

High demand and pressures on the postal service mean it is best to send your letters very early so that if it doesn't turn up, you can order an emergency backup letter.  You can order Santa letters for less than £2 delivered here.


When is the Deadline?

The last posting date this year is Friday 10th December 2021


Is the Royal Mail's Santa letter Free?

Technically, No. You will need to put a stamp on your letter, so the cost is either 85p if using a 1st Class stamp or 65p for 2nd Class.


How it works

It’s really easy to get your child’s letter to Santa this year.  To use the service, you need to get your children to write a letter to Santa and include their full names and address. Remember you must put a stamp on your letter. 


Address to send your Letters

Santa/Father Christmas

Santa's Grotto




When Will Royal Mail Send Out Letters from Santa?

Replies usually start being sent by Royal Mail at the beginning of November. Once your Santa letter has been received at the Santa letter HQ, the Elves get to work quickly.

In most cases, a response will be sent out within 48 hours and reach you within 7 days. This will depend on demand and how close to Christmas Day the letter is sent, which is why we always recommend doing yours early.


Are Royal Mail's Santa's letters personalised?

Yes, absolutely! So the more information about your child/children you include in your original letter, the more personalised their reply will be.  Remember to add their name, age, hometown, what they want for Christmas, any pets and a few personal details to help create further magic.


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If you need any further information about the Royal Mail's Santa Letter, or have any comments, please let us know in the comments below...

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