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Bingo Money Saving Challeneg

Money Saving Challenges are a great way to get the motivation to save some cash, our Bingo Style - 52 Week Money Saving Challenge is really popular and super simple.

Bingo Savings Challenege


Millions of people take part in Savings Challenges every year and the Bingo challenge is a really popular one, the idea's straightforward, and makes it easy to save by setting an affordable weekly goal.

Bingo Money Saving Challenge

How to save £1000 in 2024 with the Bingo Money Saving Challenge... 

Use this free template to keep track of your weekly save, which you can download and print off completely free of charge.  Here’s a preview, you can download the high-def PDF further down or click on the image...


Bingo Money Saving Challenge


What is the Bingo Money Saving Challenge

The Bingo Money Saving Challenge is a weekly savings scheme whereby you try to save one of the amounts in the bingo boxes per week.  It's perfect for people who struggle to save set amounts, with its flexibility for weeks when you don't have much spare cash.

Once you have chosen the maximum affordable amount you can save for that week, pop it into a pot or savings account and cross it off the bingo board.

If you start in the first week of January, by the last week of December 2024 you will have saved a grand total of £1000.

Use our Free Printable sheet to mark off your payments each week.


How to get your Free BINGO Challenge Template

Well, that's the easy part! Simply click here and you can print the PDF off in the click of a button. You’ll be hitting your savings goals in no time!

We have loads of free printable templates available to help you on your journey to financial freedom from Money Saving and Income tracking to Meal planning and Debt Management over on our Freebies section.


Tips for the Bingo Challenge

Think Clever

If you can afford to put the bigger sums away, do it - Just after payday is the perfect time to do the larger amounts.  That way if you have any unforeseen circumstances later on in the year, you can save the smaller amounts, this way you won't have to stop your challenge.  

Keep Your Challenge in Sight

Put your plan somewhere you will see it daily, so it's always to hand and you always have a reminder of what you're working towards. This is why I find the print outs so handy - mine has pride of place on the fridge.

Choose the Best Saving Option for you

Some people prefer to save in a jar and others in bank accounts specifically for their savings. Choose the easiest option for you and the one you are going to be less tempted to dip in to.  If you deal mainly with cash, a jar is perfect, but if you will struggle to find the change, a bank account would be best.


Looking for more ways to save cash? Check out our 101 Best Ways to Save Money


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If you found the Bingo challenge free printables useful, gave it a go, or have any questions, please let us know in the comments below – and help to inspire others on their journey...

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