13 Ways to Save Money When You Have Twins

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Twice the love but twice the price! It's no secret that having a baby and bringing up kids is an expensive business, but when you're expecting multiples, you'll have a whole lot more to fork out than parents expecting singletons.


How To Save Money When You Have Twins


As soon as I found out I was expecting twins, the first thought that ran through my mind was how on earth was I going to be able to afford two babies.  This is when I started doing as much research as I could on ways to save money and keep the costs of bringing up my girls to a minimum. These tried and tested tips will help you save money on your twins, triplets, and quads from conception to adolescence.

Twins Money Saving



1 - Have a Baby Shower

I hated the thought of baby showers, I think they are an American trend and the thought of attending one rather bored me.  BUT when I found out I was having twins, I was advised by other twin mum's to just roll with it and I'm glad I did.  I ended up with absolutely loads of clothes and baby essentials to get me started.

2 - Get Free Pampers Nappies

Fancy £40 Worth of Pampers Vouchers for free? There's £20 for Twins, £30 for triplets and £40 for quads up for grabs. To Claim Simply send a scanned copy of your birth certificate to p&This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. advising you would like to take up their ‘Pampers Multiple Birth Offer’ - make sure you include your address and they will pop your vouchers in the post.

You will need to include a scan (or photograph) of their birth certificates, or your maternity notes so that they can verify you are pregnant  (or have had in the last year) multiples.

3 - Free Baby Box

You can get an amazing FREE Baby Box from Lidl & The Baby Box Co! by just filling in this form (you will have to do it twice) The box contains: 

  • A Baby box to practice safe sleep, featuring measuring tape on the inside wall to help keep track of babies growth
  • Mattress and waterproof cover
  • Fitted sheet
  • 24 pack of Lupilu newborn nappies
  • 56 pack of Lupilu newborn wipes


For More Baby Freebies Check Out: Baby & Pregnancy Money Saving Tips, Deals & Freebies


4 - Batch Cook

Cook as much baby food from fresh in bulk for freezing as you can. It’s far cheaper and healthier than the packets/jars you buy in shops.

5 - Buy Second Hand

Don’t be afraid to buy second-hand. Local twins clubs often have selling tables. eBay and twins selling pages on Facebook are also a great source to get double or matching items.

6 - Use Your Twin Parent Status

Join the twins and multiple births association (Tamba) to get a card that will give you a special 10% discount at certain retailers, Double Loyalty Points, Multi-Buy Discounts, Special promotions, and Member Only Offers.



7 - Ask For Freebies

Keep an eye on all the free websites and Facebook pages and try and grab as much as you can for free.  If you see any friends getting rid of anything useful, grab it off them.  You don't always need two of everything, toys, in particular, can be so expensive to buy and people are always getting rid of old stuff.

8 - Sell Your Old Items

Children outgrow clothes, equipment, and toys at a rapid rate, and even though you will find it usually hard to sell baby clothes, with twin items it's different.  They actually sell very well, so as soon as it's of no use to you anymore, clean it up and make a few £££s from your twinnies old stuff. 

9 - Don't Buy Two of Everything

There will be some things that each baby must have such as high chairs and Car seats. There are some things, however, that can easily be shared. One Changing mat, Walker, Jumperoo, and one playmat means that your babies can take turns with different activities and you also save on space. 

10 - Extra Money

Make sure you're not missing out on any money. As your family size increases, you may find you're now entitled to some Universal Credit to give your income a boost.  You can use the free entitledto benefits calculator to see what (if any) benefits you're entitled to claim. 

11 - Get Your Teeth Done Free

You’re entitled to free dental care and prescriptions while you’re pregnant and for one year after the birth. So whilst you're pregnant take advantage and get any of that dental work done you have been putting off due to cost. 

12 - Breast Feed

This is something I had a real mental battle with and I do have to admit I didn't last long myself, due to the very nature of having twins and sore boobs, but the longer you can dish out the free food, the longer you wait to spend £20 a week on formula. 

13 - Buy in Bulk

I once cleared an entire shelf in Asda, using two trolleys when they reduced pampers nappies down to £2 a pack. Seriously, if looks could kill!



If you know of any other ways to save some cash, get some freebies or cut costs on your twins, please let us know in the comments below...



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