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MLM Schemes UK

Running a home-based business, in your spare time, alongside your regular job, is becoming more and more attractive to people who need to earn some extra cash. This list outlines the top 20 in the UK right now in 2024, including their start-up fees and earnings potential.

MLM Companies in the UK





mlm schemes uk


What is an MLM?

MLM stands for multi-level marketing. Multi-level marketing comes under a lot of fire. It refers to the direct selling of a product to earn a commission and also earning additional money from recruiting new members. These types of 'jobs' are franchise opportunities.

The 'job' may require a start-up fee, the earnings could be based on commission or you wouldn't strictly be 'working from home' in the sense that you won't sit on the sofa in your PJs the whole time, you may be required to host parties or deliver catalogues for instance.

All these positions offer flexible hours and days. You also get full training in most.


Which MLM Company is the Best to Join?

It depends on your schedule really and what you think you have the most passion to sell. Choose a company that sells something you believe in and that you believe you can get customers for.  Here's a list of the top 20 UK based MLM companies for you to take a look at...


Legitimate UK Based MLM Companies


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#1 Ann Summers

You get a basic kit worth £500 and pay £3.50 per week rental for 32 weeks or until you have made payments to Ann Summers of £1200. Parcels are delivered free. A discount of 23% on everything you sell at a party. E.g.…£100 of sales at a party earns you £23 for approximately two hours' work. A discount of 30% on anything you purchase. Flexible hours and days. Hostess gifts are offered to party organisers at special prices. Company competitions and recognition is given for achievements and limited paperwork.

Ann Summers

#2 Kleeneze

Deliver catalogues in your local area and receive a percentage of any goods you sell. There is a start-up cost to buy catalogues. You must also collect catalogues and deliver the items to the customers. If you build a team of people you will receive an increased percentage. Regular incentives for increasing sales and teams. 


#3 Avon

You pay a small start-up fee and are given a credit limit. Your first order comes on credit, allowing you to deliver the products and collect the money. When you place your 2nd order, you then pay for the 1st, and it continues on like that. Your earnings for the first 2 months are 50% on most items, after that, they can vary from 20% - 50%. There are no quotas or minimum orders. If you don't place an order for 6 weeks, your account will be inactivated. 


#4 FM cosmetics

You need to purchase a start-up kit, which starts from £11.50. Like all Direct Sales, it depends on what you put into what you get out. You choose your own days and hours and earn up to 33% of sales.

FM cosmetics

#5 Herbalife

This position is for an Independent Distributor to sell the Herbalife diet. The only outlay is a distributor kit which is approx £30. You are not required to buy any stock to sell.


#6 Utility Warehouse

Getting homes and small businesses to switch providers for its range of utility services – gas, electricity, broadband, and home and mobile phone. Pay includes bonuses for each new customer you sign up, a passive income of up to around 6% on every call one of your customers makes on their mobile, and a share of everything your customers spend on their utility bills every month. The joining fee is £10 + £3/month for customers, £50 + £3/month for non-customers. 


Another great way to earn an income is to use referral schemes to make money.


#7 Forever living

You earn 30% customer sales when they have paid for their goods, and an extra 5% via a monthly bonus payment. (word has it the products are quite expensive and can be hard to sell)

Forever living

#8 Phoenix Trading

There's a £30 start-up cost for your pack and you earn 30% commission on your customer sales. You're selling greeting cards, wrapping paper and stationery.

#9 Usbourne

Selling children's books, you earn 24% basic commission and there's a £38 start-up fee.


#10 Partylite 

There's no cash investment! PartyLite provides you with a starter kit worth £300, which includes candle holders, candles, stationery, brochures, and a very useful guide. On achieving sales of £300 you have cleared your starter kit. You earn 20% commission sales, on a weekly basis and when sales exceed £1200 in a calendar month, you receive an additional 5% bonus.


#11 Oriflame

Cosmetics - There are costs for catalogues (less than £3), and there is an optional business case which is £15 and contains things you need to get going like paperwork, handbook, samples etc. When you first set up you will earn 23% commission on all orders over £50 and 30% commission on all orders over £110, as you grow with Oriflame and begin to recruit friends your commission and earnings will increase.


#12 Scentsy

Wickless candles and scents - There's a start-up cost of £85 + p&p and you earn between 20% and 39% on sales.


#13 Younique

Cosmetics - Younique is the first direct sales company to market and sell almost exclusively through the use of social media. Your kit will cost you £69 and your Initial earnings are 20% of your sales. Once you have gained 125 in personal retail sales your earnings rise to 25%. You can earn extra money by recruiting members to join your team.


#14 Body Shop at Home

Natural cosmetics and skincare products which are 100% vegan - There's a start-up fee of £45 which includes a kid worth £220. You will earn between 25 and 35% on all Body Shop product sales. 

Body Shop

#15 Tropic Skin Care

Multi-award-winning vegan and cruelty-free products that lead the way in natural beauty - Your Starter Kit costs £198 and comes with over £400 worth of products, training, and business tools.


#16 Juice Plus

Biotech and Pharmaceuticals - There's a £50 start-up cost and earnings of 10% plus bonus'.

Juice Plus

#17 Le-Vel

Diet and Health Products - You’ll earn 20% on your personal sales, 12% on the first level of your downline, and 4% on Levels 2 and 3. You can also earn free THRIVE products monthly by signing up at least 2 of your personal customers to receive their monthly product via autoship.


#18 doTerra

Essential Oils - Kit prices start at £92 and include the £20 enrollment fee and entitle you to wholesale pricing for one year with no monthly minimum and no auto-renewal.


#19 Body by Vi 

Diet Shakes and Fitness Challenge - The starting fee is £39 and you will earn 10-25% commission on personal challenge kit and product sales and 5% commission on all sales from your promotional team.

Body by Vi

#20 Mary Kay

One of the largest direct sellers of skin care products and cosmetics - The starter kit will cost you £99 and consultants earn a 50% gross profit on products they sell at full retail price.

Mary Kay


What is the best MLM company in UK?

With Avon being the most popular, and most widely known, it is often considered the best, but it really is down to what best suits you! 

Are MLM Based Business Worth It?

In my opinion, No!

The products are usually over-priced for starters, simply by shopping online to find deals and looking around you can get equally good products for half the price online.

The problem is how you are seen in the eyes of the people you approach. You will be targeting your friends and family. You will inevitably get some sympathy purchases but you will soon be seen as a pest.

You will find people starting to avoid you and they won’t pick up the phone in case you’re wanting them to sell them something. There's also the temptation to bombard your Facebook friends with your products, or to try to get them to become a rep, so you can earn that all-important referral commission – you will likely be unfriended pretty sharpish.


There are many other ways to Make Money Online & Work From Home 


Lastly, if you know of any other tried and tested, legitimate MLM opportunities, or if you have any success or horror stories, please let us know your thoughts in the comments below... 

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