Free Clothes - How to get Free Clothing in 2022

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Free Clothes

Looking to bag yourself some free clothing? Discover all the latest free clothes & accessories from all over the web, but some of the UK's biggest brands.

how to get free clothes


Clothing is a necessity that is a huge expense to us all, so if you're cash-strapped but in need of some clothing, there are a lot of ways to score free clothes online.

How to Get Free Clothes

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Here are 10 easy ways you can get yourself kitted out for free...

1 - The Freecycle Network

Freecycle is a huge online network that joins people together with free stuff available in their area. Simply search for your local area and browse available freebies, you can even post wanted requests, so you can specifically ask for clothing in the size you require.

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2 - Freegle

Freegle is a smaller version of Freecycle, that again allows people in the UK to find free clothes online. You will need to register with the site to be able to post replies to any of the ads.

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3 - Shein

If you download the Shien app, there is an option for you to ‘check-in’ daily - don’t worry about forgetting to do this, have your notifications turned on and they will remind you daily. By checking in daily, you can earn points. For every consecutive day you check-in, the more points you get. Those points are then changed into money which can be spent on the website.  

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4 - Uniqlo

Uniqlo is giving away 500 Free clothing items each month to people who sign up for their exclusive sampling program! You will need to download their app to get access to this exclusive offer. In exchange for your free item, you'll need to leave an online review letting them know what you think.

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5 - Clothes Swap

There are plenty of clothes swap groups on Facebook these days, type your city followed by clothes swap into Facebook's search bar and you'll be connected with people in your area that are looking to get rid of clothes, in return for your old ones. 


6 - Become an Influencer

You don't have to be famous for brands to want you to style their clothing, you simply need to take great pictures of yourself and have a large following. Instagram is the best for bran reach-outs, so that's where you should start. Once you catch a brand's attention, they will often send you items of clothing to show off to your followers, as it's great advertising for them. 


7 - Freebie Websites

A great way to find free clothes from random sources around the internet is to let someone else do the hard work for you! Websites such as Latest Free Stuff & Magic Freebies have dedicated sections for clothing that you can check out.  Just make sure you're not paying for postage, and if you do, the item is worth way more than the postage.

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8 - Re-Use Sites

Another new trend popping up on Facebook are re-use groups. People give away stuff that is too good to put in the bin, you can always ask for items too. So again, type your local area followed by reuse, and post your size and style requirements. 


9 - Enter Competitions

You've got to be in it to win it! Comp websites such as the competition database allow you to search for competitions from all over the internet.  You can refine by category, so you only have to enter the ones that are clothing related. Good Luck! 

Competition Database


10 - Clothing Friend Referrals

You can refer friends to many online clothing retailers to earn vouchers that you can exchange for free clothes. BooHoo gives you £5 for every friend that joins and they will also bag a voucher for 30% off their first spend win-win! 

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If you have any questions about this article or know of any other good ways to bag free clothing, please let us know in the comments below...

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