Where to get FREE Car Safety Checks & Repair Checks in 2022

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Free Car Safety Check

Car check prices can vary since there are so many different inspections that can be done; however, there are several national car and tyre companies that are now offering free car checks available, which are very helpful with saving money by diagnosing potential hazards and repairs before they happen.

car safety check

A lot of people don't have the time or knowledge to inspect their vehicles for potential safety issues. These free checks enable you to put your mind at rest if you are planning a long journey or are simply just worried if your car is working to the best of its ability.  

Car Safety Checks

free car safety check


Looking to get Car Saftey Check? Here are the best places to get a Car Saftey Check or Vehicle Repair Inspection completely free of charge in 2022.

Kwik Fit


Kwik Fit offers free, no obligation car inspections, ensuring that problems are identified before they become real problems. Their tests help drivers’ peace of mind by highlighting any potential concerns.

The Free Safety Checks at Kwik Fit need to be booked individually, here's what they offer...

Vehicle Safety Check

This comprehensive check inspects these common componants



 Coolant / Anti-freeze

 Wiper blades for splits or damage

 Operation of the windscreen wash system and the level of screen wash and top this up if necessary

 Light bulbs

Tyre Check

Tyre inspection for wear and tear as well as advice on tyre size and anything else you may need help with. 

Brake Inspection

Brake checks can identify a problem before it begins to impact your braking efficiency. Particularly handy before long journeys, Kwik Fits thorough brake test will keep you safe and on the road. 

Battery Health Check

This test checks the condition of your car battery, including your battery starting and charging systems, using the latest Bosch testing equipment. 

Exhaust Inspection

The comprehensive exhaust system checks for cracks, leaking joints, broken hangers, worn rubber mountings, corrosion, failed gaskets and other damage or wear.

Diagnostics Check

If a warning light or fault code has appeared on your vehicle dashboard, Kwik Fit can help identify and trouble-shoot potential issues using our on-board diagnostics equipment, otherwise known as an OBD2 scanner. 

Wheel Alignment Check

Checking your wheel alignment on your vehicle regularly can prolong the life of your tyres by up to 12,000 miles, increase fuel efficiency and fix steering issues. Kwik Fit offers a free wheel alignment check using Hunter Hawkeye laser alignment technology.

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National Tyres & Autocare

national tyres

National Tyres and autocare offer completely free visual safety inspections which are carried out by their trained technicians.  

The Free Safety Check at Kwik fit is an all-in-one solution that checks all these common components in one easy booking...

 Tyre condition

 TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) 

 Battery Health


 Diagnostics - If any warning lights are found at the time of inspection on your dashboard.

 Wiper Blades


 Shock Absorbers



Note: You can also get the shoes, drums, cylinders and brake fluid for an additional charge if required

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Don’t let money hold you back when it comes to safety, Halfords offer free checks in a range of areas to allow the experts to identify any risks or problems you may have with your vehicle.

The Free Safety Checks at Halfords need to be booked individually, here's what they offer...

Free 5 Point Car Check

A member of fully trained staff will undergo a 5 point car check for free on your vehicle, including a wiper blade condition check, headlight and brake check, windscreen chip check, battery health check, and will even give you an MOT due-date reminder in the UK. You can easily book a test online and head to your local Halfords for a free test.

Free Repairs Check

Worried about a funny noise emitting from your car? The simple repairs check can combat any worries you have about your vehicle, with a trained professional inspecting if any mechanical faults need to be tackled. Staff will also recommend any repairs that you might need, as well as carrying out a road test.

Free Suspension Check

With a 12-month guarantee on repaired work, Halfords’ technicians can carry out a free suspension check for your vehicle, repairing any model or make of car. Don’t worry – the staff only use mechanical parts that match your vehicle’s original specification, so you should definitely put your faith in Halfords’ hands.

Free Battery Health Check

Although this could be included in the 5 point car check, having a check solely focused on battery health may be useful since batteries could fail at any moment. You can book a free battery health check with one of Halfords’ expert technicians, who will check its charging abilities and recommend a new battery if you need one.

Free Brake Check

The 6 point brake check will investigate all aspects of your braking system, putting your mind at ease if you are worried about your vehicle. After all, having working brakes is arguably one of the most important aspects of a vehicle in terms of its safety – it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to risks on the road. All performed work has a 12-month guarantee, similar to the free suspension check, and if a replacement is needed, the experts can provide a no-obligation quote for free.

Free Tyre Check

Tyres are another vital part of your vehicle. If you’re concerned about the condition of your tyres, get them checked for free today, with Halfords’ staff focusing on checking your tyre pressure, tread depth, and ensures your tyres are legal and safe to modern standards. If your automotive knowledge isn’t up to scratch, the experts at Halfords can also offer you the advice you need if there is a problem with your tyres.

Free Steering Check

Covering checks of all the major components, this check offers power steering and geometry checks, all taken by expert technicians. Again, all quotes on any repairs needed in this area are free of charge and non-obligatory, so don’t let this stop you from booking a free steering check today.

Note: Each check has to be booked individually

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Webuyanycar also offers a free check, allowing you to see if your car has a hidden history. The report includes important information on the vehicle registration, CO2 emissions, tax due date, MOT details, and more, easily online. Although this doesn’t offer a repair check, it still may be worth finding out more information about your vehicle.

Free History Check 


Things to Consider

  Not all services are available at all centres, so double-check during booking that you're going to get everything checked that you need.

  You need to be aware when considering these free car checks, that they do not cover everything you need to put your mind fully at ease.  However, the free checks are great little options to minimise these bigger hazards and can save you cash in the long run by stopping more serious damage.

  All of the above places offer more detailed checks for a small fee. This includes identifying more specific problems with your vehicle such as an oil level check, tyre inflation, screen-wash top-up, and a coolant check.

  If you need some extra knowledge about a topic that you don’t know much about, the technicians should easily be able to point you in the right direction, saving you money on certain mechanical parts


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If you have any questions or know of any other places that offer free car checks that we should add to the list, please let us know in the comments below...

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