15 Ways To Get Cheap Car Insurance & Lower Renewal Quotes

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How to get Cheap Car Insurance

Looking for ways to lower your car insurance? There used to be a time when (provided you hadn't made any claims) your car insurance would reduce each year - times have changed! Premiums seem to go up and up each year, even when you have a huge no-claims bonus.

 ways to get cheap car insurance

You can use our clever money saving hacks to slash the costs of car insurance, lower your premium and get a cheaper quote.

Here are 15 ways to get Cheaper Car Insurance

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1 - Never EVER Auto-Renew

Don't assume that because your current provider was the cheapest last year that they will be the cheapest this year.  Many people are fooled into thinking that if they haven't made a claim, their renewal price will be cheaper - this simply isn't true!

2 - Use a Comparison Website

Not all Insurance brokers are on comparison websites and advice used to be to try out ones that aren't such as Direct Line, but the truth is, the cheapest companies are always on comparison websites. There are a few good ones such as Compare the Market, which you can use, and I suggest trying them all, as they don't all have the same companies on board.

3 - Get The Timing Right

Three weeks (21 days exactly) before your renewal date is the key date to getting a cheaper quote. Comparison sites advise motorists can save on average of £280 on quotes by doing it at this time, rather than waiting until it's due to renew - particularly younger drivers.

4 - Pay Annually

A lot of people don't know that by paying monthly, you're not simply spreading the costs, but rather, getting yourself into a credit agreement, which in turn adds interest to the cost.  Paying monthly usually means adding around 20% extra to the total of your quote, so if you're in the position to pay it in full, you most certainly should. 

5 - Choose The Best Job Title

If you’re not working at the moment you will pay up to £300 more by entering "unemployed" so consider whether you're actually a full-time parent or retired and enter that instead.  A study by MSE also showed that a "chef" paid more than a "kitchen worker" which could be considered the exact same job.

6 - Add Another Named Driver

If someone else is going to be using your vehicle, add them on to the policy, particularly if they're an older, more experienced driver with a clean driving license and decent no-claims history, as it is perfectly legal and will lower your premium.  But beware, it’s a crime to say someone who isn’t the main driver of a car is!

7 - Remove Add Ons

A lot of car insurance quotes will include extras that you may not need, such as breakdown cover, windscreen cover, theft from the car, driving abroad, personal accident cover, and courtesy cars.  All these extras add to the premium, so double-check if they are included and remove any you don't want or that might already be covered with your current travel/home insurance, AA membership, or bank account.

8 - Opt for a Black Box

Telematics enables insurance companies to price your premiums depending on how you drive. With a black box policy, the insurance company installs monitors in your vehicle that monitor your driving. Be warned, however, that driving badly could also see your premiums increase next year, so only opt for a black box if you're confident you're a good driver.

9 - Buy a Cheaper Car

This is an obvious one, but, the more your car is worth, the higher your insurance quote will be. If your quotes are coming in at an unaffordable rate, it might be time to think about trading in your car for something a bit cheaper. 

10 - Up Your Excess

If you're a seasoned driver or someone who is unlikely to need to claim then the more excess you offer the lower your quote will be.  A low excess may be appealing if you're worried about having to fork out a lot if the worst should happen, but it will cost you more at the time of purchase, you need to weigh up the pros and cons - even £50 can make a big difference to your quote.

11 - Driver Courses

Opting to take advance driver courses such as pass plus will show insurance companies you're a good driver, although, insurers only tend to apply a Pass Plus discount for new drivers who have held their licence for less than 12 months.

12 - Get Cashback

After you have done your comparison searches and found which deal is cheapest, head over to Topcashback or Quidco to see if you can get an even better deal by switching through their cashback site. Just remember to make sure you're still getting the best deal - it's not worth paying more overall simply for a cashback payout.

13 - Remove Any Modifications

It's not just spoilers and giant exhaust pipes that are considered to be modifications when it comes to your insurance, even things like new alloys are considered and can raise your premium.  So ensure you inform your insurance company before making any changes - just in case. 

14 - Increase Security

Make sure you declare it if the car is fitted with up-to-date security systems. Older cars may not so see if it's worth getting them added, cars fitted with a security device like an alarm, immobiliser, or tracker means it’s less likely to be broken into or stolen.  You will see around a 5% saving on your quote when you add security. 

15 - Limit Risk

Leaving your car parked in your private driveway or garage is deemed by insurance companies to be safer than leaving it on the roadside, and this could also help to lower your premiums.


Hopefully, these tips have helped you save on your car insurance premium, if you know of any other genius hacks, please let us know in the comments below...




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