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10 Groupon Deal Money Saving Hacks

If like me, you're a huge fan of Groupon and want to get the most out of it, there are a few lesser-known money saving hacks that you really should be taking advantage of. You can make a sweet deal even sweeter with our how-to guide.

 10 Money Saving Hacks For Groupon UK 1

There's not a person in the UK who hasn't at least heard of Groupon and most have bought a cheeky deal or two.  As an avid money saver, it's one of the first places I check out before I purchase anything online.


Groupon deals consist of travel deals such as Getaways, Hotels, Spa Breaks and Holidays abroad.  Then there's Beauty treatments, things to do, motor services and goods.  So if you love a good deal, check out our top 10 tips to help you save even more money with Groupon...

1 - Use a Voucher Code

The very best way to save money at the deal giant is to use a Groupon Voucher Code.  If you're a new customer, you can get 15% off your first Groupon. Which can add up to an amazing saving - Although it's only for new customers, you can always get your partner or someone else in the house to sign up so you can use it again.


groupon new customer code


2 - Refer a Friend

By referring friends, family, and colleagues to Groupon you can earn money, making your deals cheaper, or even free if you can refer enough people.  Groupon pays £6 for every person you can get to sign up via your unique referral link - you will find this in your account section.  A great way to encourage people to join through your link is to post really good deals you find on your social media channels and pop in your link. 


Here are 100s of other Refer a Friends schemes you could be using to make money in 2024


3 - Join Groupons Affiliate Program

Following on from the 'refer a friend' scheme Groupon offers customers, there's also a way to earn cash from promoting Groupons amazing deals and goods.  If you have a website or a large social media following, you can apply to join their affiliate program.  If approved, you can create links to anything on Groupon, share it around and they will pay you up to 10% commission - in cash. 

4 - Sign up for Emails

Instead of checking the site every day, you can subscribe to emails and get notifications directly to your inbox.  Although the emails can be somewhat relentless and I do sometimes feel like they are spamming me, occasionally I get a VERY nice voucher code landing in my inbox.  I usually have around 2 x 20% ones per month and have even had up to 50% off goods deals. I usually hold off buying anything until they send me a voucher. 

5 - Browse and Run

If you're after something in particular, keep browsing the Groupon website. Pop it in your basket and leave the site.  Groupon knows your browsing patterns, what you're interested in and whether or not you left it in your basket.  With a bit of perseverance, you usually find they will send you out a nice voucher code to tempt you into finishing your purchase....which is of course what you were waiting for! 


6 - Get the APP

Mobile App users are privy to exclusive deals and discount codes, usually around 25%.  The app is great to have, anyway as it's easy to search for deals, purchase, and redeem Groupons directly from your mobile device. Groupon will use your current location to show you special offers and deals that are relevant to the area you are currently in.

7 - Student Discount

Students are also in the 'exclusive group' zone and are rewarded with savings of up to 70% - Simply Register with UNiDAYS to verify your student status and retrieve your discount codes.

8 -  Earn Cashback

Did you know you could make money by shopping online through cashback websites? Well, you can and it's super simple.  The most popular cashback sites are Topcashback and Quidco - both of which have Groupon on board.  All you need to do is sign up for a free account and when you purchase something on Groupon, use their links. Cashback is usually in the region of 10 - 18% which is quite high. 


Money Saving Central


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9 - Get Social with Groupon

It's always advisable to find and follow your favourite brands on social media, to stay up to date with their current offers, deals, and coupons.  Groupon UK is big on Twitter and runs a lot of competitions that are free and easy to enter too.  You never know your luck! 

10 - Change Your Local Area When On Holiday

Groupon has deals in every city in the UK - It’s perfect when you're on a camping trip or weekend away because they have deals practically everywhere! People always forget to do this on their APP, but you're most likely to want to do a day trip or find a new eatery when you're on holiday.  You’ll be able to visit new places, try local facilities and eat at nearby restaurants whilst saving cash as you go.


As always, if you know of any other genius ways to save some extra cash on Groupon Deals, please let us know in the comments below...


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