10 Money Saving Cleaning Hacks To Hinch Your Home For Less

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Hinch Your Home For Less

So you've heard of cleaning guru Mrs Hinch? Well, we can't get enough of her amazing cleaning tips, and we all want a home just as stunning.  We have taken 10 of the best cleaning tips and made them super savvy.


Hinch Your House


The thing with cleaning is it's a never-ending cycle, as soon as you clean, someone is behind you making a mess, or the dust is settling back down which is why it's hard to have a fabulously clean house without breaking the bank. 

Money Saving Cleaning Hacks

Saving money is our top priority, so here's 10 amazing Money Saving Cleaning Hacks to help you have a sparkling house with an affordable price tag.


1 - Keep Old Electric Tooth Brushes

The best way to get into all those awkward nooks and crannies is to use an electric toothbrush.  You obviously won't want to go and buy a new one solely for the purpose of cleaning, but you can easily get your hands on one by asking friends and family to donate you any they might be throwing out (be sure to bleach them first) or use any old ones that have come to the end of their shelf life. You can also buy battery-operated ones for around £3.99 in any B&Ms or Home Bargains stores.


2 - Shop Savvy or Don't Shop at all

Purchase all your cleaning products in budget stores such as Poundland, B&Ms and Home Bargains to save up to 70% off the usual RRP.  It's the same branded products without a huge price tag.

There are some really surprising food products that will be lurking in your cupboards that are actually fantastic for cleaning, such as:

  White vinegar for cleaning mirrors and glass. 

 Bicarbonate of soda for removing stains when mixed with a little water into a paste. 

 Hot Water - This is one of the best, natural, free cleaning products on earth. (hotter the better to be sure to wear rubber gloves)

 Lemons - There are so many ways to use lemons for cleaning and when mixed with baking soda, produces an amazing fizz that is great for unblocking drains.

  Corn Starch is amazing for removing grease stains from fabrics. Blot as much as you can with kitchen roll, sprinkle on a generous layer of corn starch, leave to set, then peel off.  


3 - Microwave Cleaning Hack

Cleaning the microwave can be really tricky, so an easy, affordable way to shift the grease from inside is to pop in a bowl of water with some fresh or bottled lemon in, heat until steaming and wipe through with some kitchen roll. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!


4 - Keep Silica Gel Packs

We are all guilty of throwing these straight in the bin, but guess what? they are actually useful. Damp washing basket, shoes, boots, or swimming bag? Pop them in and they will dry it right out, You can also put them inside your jewellery box to keep silver pieces and costume jewellery corrosion and tarnish-free.


5 - Reuse Newspapers

Don't throw out your old newspapers.  Did you know they were great for absorbing odours and leaks? crumple them up and place it at the bottom of your bins. You can do this for smaller, inside kitchen, bathroom and bedroom bins as well as your bigger outdoor bins. 


6 - Stainless Steel Hack

For some reason stainless steel cleaning products are rather pricey, but did you know you could use furniture polish and get the exact same result! You can get a can of budget furniture polish for around 50p in Home Bargains and it will leave your stainless steel items shiny as new. 


7 - Grease Busting

As well as corn starch, you can also use surgical spirit to remove stubborn grease stains. Simply mix four parts of surgical spirit with one part salt. Rub into the stain to lift the grease. Once the surface is dry, you can wipe or hoover up any leftover salt.


8 - Use a Hairdryer for Ring Marks

This is a little known hack to remove those stubborn ring marks from your wooden furniture.  You know the ones where people put their hot, wet drinks on your sides without using a coaster...grr! Water rings are actually caused by trapped moisture in the wood, so using a hairdryer on a low heat directed at the affected area causes the moisture to evaporate, making the stain disappear.


9 - Clean Toys in the Dishwasher

There are always times when you are guilty of putting the dishwasher on when it's half full.  You can make it worth your while by popping a few (non-electrical) toys in with the load.  Not only will you be getting your money's worth but you will be keeping your little one's toys germ-free and clean in the process. 


10 - Mould Hack

Soak cotton wool balls in bleach, place them on any mould and mildew patches that form on the grout/sealant in your bathroom. Leave them to work overnight and remove the next day — the mould will be gone without all that expensive mould removing spray and scrubbing!


As always, if you have any amazing cleaning hacks you would like to share, please let us know in the comments below...

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