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Supermarket Vouchers UK

How do I get Coupons for Supermarkets UK? Getting Printable & Cut-out Vouchers for your Grocery Shopping can save a fortune on your grocery shopping, here's how & where to find coupons in 2024.

supermarket coupons

Using supermarket coupons can save you hundreds of pounds and even occasionally bag you free food. Although finding coupons for supermarkets used to be easier at the height of its popularity, there are still ways to find them in 2024.

Supermarket Vouchers UK

Supermarket vouchers are an easy way to save money if you know where to find them.  If you don’t know where to look for them, finding supermarket vouchers can prove difficult. That’s why we’ve done the research for you and put together a list of the best places to find vouchers for supermarkets and save some cash. 


supermarket vouchers


Printable Coupons

Printable coupons are a good way to get money off at Supermarkets, but remember to factor in the cost of your ink. If it ends up costing you more to replace your ink, they really won't be worth the hassle. 



This site was created by Procter and Gamble so has offers, competitions, and coupons for a range of P&G products. You can print up to 30 coupons a month for products including toiletries and pet food.



Caring Everyday

Owned by Johnson & Johnson, this platform offers savings of up to £25 a month on brands including Clean and Clear, Aveeno and Listerine.

Caring Everyday


Money Saving Expert 

The MoneySavingExpert site puts some of the best coupons in their weekly email and keeps an updated list of legitimate coupons on their ‘Supermarket coupons’ page.

MSE Supermarket Coupons


Freebie Websites

Freebie websites such as LatestFreeStuff, Magic Freebies and Free Stuff! gather the best supermarket freebies and offers so that they’re all in one place. They have dedicated pages for supermarket coupons and vouchers, so be sure to check them out regularly.

Free Stuff!


Cut-Out Coupons

These are the best types of coupons to get hold of, they cost nothing more than your time (collecting and cutting) although in the UK these are harder to get hold of.  Here are a few ways...


Supermarket magazines

Most major supermarkets bring out an in-store monthly magazine, usually free of charge. Tesco includes coupons in their magazine on a regular basis, while other supermarkets will only offer them occasionally. Bear in mind that coupons from in-store magazines typically only work in that specific store.



Although not as common as it used to be, it’s still possible to find coupons in daily newspapers. Even if you’re not in the habit of buying newspapers, it’s still worth doing from time to time if it makes you a small saving on your next shop.


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Cashback Phone Apps

Cashback apps usually work by returning a small amount of money to shoppers who make purchases through their app or upload receipts. There are also some coupons available.




Receive personalised offers and make savings on your everyday supermarket shopping with this app. Rather than redeeming your discount at the till you’ll get your money back after your purchase simply by uploading a photo of your receipt as proof of purchase.

Available on: iOS and Android

Refer a friend: No

Cashout methods: Bank transfer or PayPal




Shopmium is the best app for snagging a freebie and allows you to stack cashback with coupons to double the saving. You’ll have to scan the barcode of your product as well as the receipt, so make sure you scan your product before getting rid of it!

Available on: iOS and Android

Refer a friend: Yes – get £3 of referral credits for every friend you refer

Cashout methods: Bank transfer or PayPal




GreenJinn provides customised coupons on healthy food items. The app’s focus on healthy living means it steers away from processed foods and provides plenty of offers for people with specific dietary requirements.

Available on: iOS and Android

Refer a friend: No

Cashout methods: PayPal


Lidl Coupons UK


This isn’t actually a cashback app, but it does offer access to discounts exclusive to Lidl. Four new coupons are uploaded every Thursday, plus exclusive discounts, scratchcards, and more.

Available on: iOS and Android


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More Ways to Find Supermarket Coupons

Ask Brands

If you love a product, why not send the brand an email or write to them to let them know? Many brands have been known to respond to praise by sending vouchers, so although it’s not guaranteed, it’s definitely worth a go. Another option is to check out the brand’s website regularly, as some brands tend to directly offer vouchers for money off products.


Check Packets

Always check the box of a product to see if they’ve printed a money-saving voucher. The pack will usually tell you on the outside if there’s a redeemable coupon printed on the inside of the box.


Review Products

Tesco Home Panels and similar websites send freebies and vouchers in exchange for product reviews. Make sure you check product-testing sites regularly to find out when they’re taking on new panel members.


Loyalty Cards

Signing up for loyalty cards for supermarkets such as Iceland,  Tesco and Morrisons is worth it if you visit the stores regularly or spend a good amount of money in them over the year. Loyalty cardholders can collect points and are often sent vouchers, as well as being the first to know about any product promotions or discounts.


If you have any questions or know of any other ways to find supermarket vouchers in 2021, please let us know in the comments below.

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