Where to Hide Money - Best Places to Hide Cash around the House

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Places to Hide Cash

Where are the best places to hide money? If you have cash or valuables that you would rather keep at home rather than in a bank, you need to ensure they are well hidden from other family members and potential thefts. 

places to hide money

You should avoid keeping money in obvious places, so let’s take a look at the 25 unique spots that you can hide money around the house.

Places to Hide Money

Struggling to find a place to stash your cash and worried about other family members or burglars will find it? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!

hide money


Higher Drawers/Cupboards

If you’re worried about your kids finding your hidden money, higher up cupboards or storage spaces can be a good way to combat this. If they’re high up rather than easy to reach, people will be less likely to access these spaces.


Loose Floorboards

This might be a stereotypical way to hide money, as seen in films and TV shows dozens of times. However, the method still works, especially in more old-fashioned houses which usually have looser floorboards. Pulling one loose and storing money beneath it could be a great way to store money – this can be further covered by a rug which will make this place even less suspecting.



Are you a fan of Heinz? Storing rolled up money in old cans that have been cleaned out could be a good way to hide your cash – no one would expect that your can of soup is really a treasure chest! Although, if you’re hiding money from other people in the house, this may not be the best method since they may discover this stash by opening the cans to have for lunch.

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Envelope Taped to the Bottom of a Shelf

This is a clever way to hide money and works every time. Placing some money in a large enough envelope and taping this to the bottom side of a shelf could work wonders. You can also do this envelope trick with cupboards, the bottom side of an ironing board, bedside tables, and chairs. Because the envelope is so thin, it goes unnoticed by anyone.


In a Sock in the Sock Drawer

Stashing cash in one of your socks in a drawer is another unnoticeable way to store money since socks are usually scrunched up and bulky anyway. Perhaps use a sock that you don’t usually wear, or a recognisable one so you know which one the money is in. No one would think to check inside the socks!



A safe may seem like an obvious choice, but it’s still a secure way to stop robbers from getting their hands on your money. Using a security code and perhaps installing the safe in a hidden place (such as behind a picture frame) could reduce the chances of someone getting to your cash.

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Under the Mattress

This may be one of the more common ways to hide money, and it’s an effective way too. If you’re getting burgled, the chances are that you will be asleep in bed, meaning that burglars won’t be able to access your mattress. Further, mattresses are heavy, meaning it may be difficult for people to retrieve money from underneath them instead of a much lighter item.


Underneath a House Plant Pot

Just make sure that the money doesn’t get ruined by any leaking soil or water and you’re on to a winner with this one. No one would think to look under one of your plant pots inside the home – this hiding place would only become uncovered if the pot is moved for something like cleaning purposes.


Inside a Container

Similar to hiding money in tins, you can also hide money in multiple other unsuspecting containers. This includes a coffee jar, a hot chocolate tub, or bathroom containers such as shampoo or conditioner. With this method, you just have to make sure the container is clean as well as opaque, or else put the money in a little plastic bag to protect it before then putting it into the container.


In a Vase

Who said vases just have to be for flowers? Storing money in vases can be a great way to hide it since people don’t tend to look down directly into them. You’d just have to be careful that no one fills the vase with water before checking that anything else was in the vase first – with flowers being a common gift, you’d have to keep your eye on this one.


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Behind a Clock

If the clock itself isn’t worth stealing, taping money in a small envelope at the back of the clock could be a good hiding place. Alternatively, you can buy clocks specifically to store things in with secret compartments in the back, making it ideal for hiding money.


Behind a Picture in a Picture Frame

This method is easy – slotting some notes in the back of your picture before enclosing it is, again, not suspicious, and also easily accessible for you. If you tend to have photo frames lying about, this might be a good idea – burglars don’t tend to steal photo frames unless they look valuable


In a Small Box

Similar to putting money in old food cans and jars, putting money rolled up in a small box such as paracetamol or hay fever tablets could be a great hiding place as it’s not somewhere you’d expect to find the money. You’d have to be careful with this one though – putting burglars aside and thinking about hiding money from family members instead, small boxes which usually contain medicine could easily be uncovered if your partner or child needs a paracetamol tablet.


In a Wall Compartment

Secret wall compartments are seen frequently in films and TV shows along with the secret floorboard compartment – you’ve just got to find a non-obvious place, and perhaps cover up the section of the wall with a picture frame or something similar. Burglars may not have time to discover a secret wall compartment, although members of the house will be more likely to uncover this one.


Bottle in the Soil

Rolling money up and putting it in a bottle can be made even more secret by putting it in the garden soil. Much like a scavenger hunt, this method will allow you to dig the money up whenever you need it and will also be unseen to burglars. The only issue with this one is that wildlife may dig the medicine bottle up and move its location, so you’d have to be careful with this one.


Gap under kitchen cabinet

How accessible this one is can vary, but some kitchens have gaps under kitchen cabinets, making it a perfect hiding place for small items. With some kitchens, you can remove the bottom panel, which would allow you to store money behind it before putting the panel back in place.


A Pocket of a Certain Shirt

No burglar would think to check each individual shirt pocket, would they? Picking a specific shirt that you’d remember you’d left money in could be a good way to hide money – just remember to take the money out of the shirt if you need to wash it!


Old Paint Can

Old paint cans, commonly neglected in the garage, can be a great hiding place for money if the paint can is empty and clean. This idea is similar to hiding money in old food cans – you’d expect something else to be stored in the item rather than money.


Toilet Tank

There’s always room for a jar to fit in the toilet’s tank. Putting the money in a securely closed container such as a jar and then putting it in the tank could be a great hiding place as it’s not usually something that a person would typically open.


Hollowed out or Fake Book

This may be an old-fashioned hiding place but that’s not to say that it doesn’t work! Hollowing out a thick enough book on the bookshelf could easily hide a decent amount of money.

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The lining of old suitcases

Have you got a suitcase you don’t use very often? If so, storing money in this may be a simple way to hide money, especially if you keep it in a less accessible place such as the attic. You could also hide money in the linings of suitcases if you can get them open – with suitcases being so big, you could hide a lot of cash in a singular space without much suspicion.


CD or DVD case

Replacing the CD or DVD with money and placing it back on the shelf could be as inconspicuous as books on the shelf!


Underneath the bathtub

Of course, this would depend on what kind of bath you have or if you’ve got a bath at all. In some cases, it might be easy to slip money underneath the tub, with enough space to fish it back out, but not a big enough gap that it would be easily seen.


Inside a makeup palette

Similar to putting money in a CD or DVD case, replacing the makeup with money is a non-suspicious hiding place for money. Just make sure that the palette is fully clean!


Under the base of the TV

If you have a freestanding TV with a big enough base, you could easily slip money underneath it. You’d have to be careful getting the money back out from under it, and it may be worthless if a burglar steals the TV, however, it’s definitely not a place that you’d usually look for money.


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So, there you have it. Hopefully, this has helped inspire you to hide your money in better places around the house. If you have any questions or know of any other good hiding places we should add to this list, please let us know in the comments below...

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