GroceryAid £150 School Uniform Grant for Supermarket Workers 2022

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School Uniform

If you work in the grocery industry did you know you could get a £150 grant for up to 3 children? Get a FREE £150 to spend on school uniform via GroceryAid if you work in a supermarket or anywhere in the Grocery industry such as shops, factories & Market Stalls.

School Uniform Grants

It's easy to apply, but hurry, once the fund has run out of money, there will be no more grants left this year. Here's everything you need to know about applying for the School Essentials Grant...

School Essentials Grant

Groceryaid uniform grants


What is the GroceryAid School Essentials Grant?

The school essentials grant is a completely free, non-repayable one-off £150 cash sum provided by GroceryAid to help low-income families who work in the grocery industry with the cost of school uniforms and equipment for their children to start the new school year.


How Much is the GroceryAid Uniform Grant?

Parents who meet the below criteria can apply to receive £150 per school-aged child, for up to a maximum of three children. 

Note: It's best to apply as soon as possible as the School Essentials Grant is a limited fund and it will close when it has been spent.


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Who is Eligible for a GroceryAid Uniform Grant?

To qualify for a School Essentials Grant you must meet the following criteria...

>> Currently work in the grocery industry and have been employed for the last six months employment with the same company.

>> Have a child (or Children) of school age (4 - 18 years old) for whom you receive Child Benefit.

>> Receive either Universal Credit (with the child element) or Child Tax Credits.

>> Have below £4,000 in savings.


We Reached out to GroceryAid to define exactly which roles would qualify as there's not much information available online and here's what they said...

  GroceryAid is a benevolent fund which supports people who work or worked in the grocery industry. This includes retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, convenience, independent shops and service providers. Grocery is considered food and drink products sold in Supermarkets or Grocery stores.

We do not support people working in fast food outlets, café’s or fast food outlets, these would be supported by Hospitality Action.  


How long does a GroceryAid Uniform grant take?

From the time of applying, GroceryAid aims to process and payout your claim within 4 - 6 weeks. Remember to attach all the supporting evidence you need and ensure all information provided is correct so as not to delay your claim. 

What you will need to apply

You will need to supply and upload supporting documents when you apply online, If you cannot provide all of the below your application will be rejected, so have them ready.

>> Your last full month's bank statement showing your Child Tax Credit payments or Your Universal Credit statement breakdown (available online) which shows your child element entitlement. 

>> Your last payslip from your Grocery employer or one full month’s bank statements for proof of payment. 

>> A copy of your child benefit award or a recent bank statement showing your Child Benefit payments.


How do I apply for a GroceryAid Uniform Grant?

Applications are now CLOSED for 2022 grants due to unprecedented demand! They were open for just one day!


Note: You can only apply for this grant online, paper applications are not currently being accepted due to high demand.

GroceryAid Grant


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