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Get Paid to Wash Clothes – Ways to Earn Money Washing Clothing

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Get Paid to Wash Clothes

Can you make Money doing other people's Laundry? There are various APPs & Clothing Washing Jobs that will pay you cash to Wash Clothes - Here are the best ones in 2021...

get paid for washing clothes

Some people simply cannot find the time to do their laundry or don’t own a washing machine, so paying someone else to wash their clothes for them is the perfect solution. If you’re someone who enjoys washing and ironing clothes, why not earn some extra cash for doing it?

Get Paid to Wash Clothes

Whether you spend a lot of time at home or just enjoy doing laundry, getting paid for washing clothes is a great way to pocket some extra cash. We’ve put together a list of the best ways to get paid for washing clothes.

washing clothes


APPS That Pay For Washing Clothing

Washare by Cashare


Dubbed by themselves as the Uber of Washing, Cashare is a relatively new company that allows those who are home-based to provide a local laundry service at half the cost of traditional laundrettes. Those who are providing the laundry service are referred to as ‘Cashares’, whereas those paying for the service are referred to as ‘Washares’. The idea is that those providing the service can make money, whilst those needing the service will save some – it’s a two-way street that benefits everyone involved.

Getting Started: Download the Cashare app, create your account and wait for your first order to come in. There are ‘how-to' videos available on ironing and folding clothes and top tips on essential equipment for those who want to learn more before accepting orders.

Payment Method: Bank transfer

Refer a Friend: No

Available on: iOS and Android




TaskRabbit is an app that matches freelancers with local demand, allowing people to find immediate help with tasks they need to complete. Those offering their services are known as ‘Taskers’ and can offer help with a huge range of tasks including laundry services. Complete your tasks and receive good feedback to become an ‘Elite Tasker’ and increase your chances of being chosen for work.

Getting Started: Register as a Tasker and search for laundry tasks to complete.

Payment Method: Bank transaction

Refer a Friend: Yes – your referred friend must complete and invoice a task for either of you to receive rewards.

Available on: iOS and Android




Airtasker works in the same way as TaskRabbit but is predominantly London-based at the moment as the app is new to the UK.

Getting Started: Register as a Tasker and find a task to complete.

Payment Method: Bank transfer

Refer a Friend: Yes – your referred friend will need to complete their first task for you to receive a reward

Available on: iOS and Android 


Other Ways To Get Paid for Washing Clothes

Start your own Business from Home

An alternative option to using apps is to start your own washing and folding business from home. This way, you can set your own rates and rules. If you have access to a car and can collect and deliver your orders, you’ll be able to charge a little bit more for your services.

Getting started: Make a Facebook business page or create a free Wix website. Make sure you set your rates fairly by checking out the competition. If you set your rates too high, you may have trouble attracting clients. If you set your rates too low, you may find yourself with too much work and not enough money to show for it.


Work for a Laundrette

If you’d rather have a steady income each month, why not look into working for a professional laundrette? You won’t be able to set your own rates or rules with this option, and you’ll need to make sure you’re comfortable working in a public-facing role. If you’ve no prior experience in laundry services, starting your career at a professional laundrette may be the first step on your way to starting your own business.

Getting started: Look on job websites such as Indeed for current vacancies or visit laundrettes in your area.


Tips For Getting Paid to Wash Clothes

Buy the right Equipment

Make sure you have a quality steam washing machine, iron, and ironing board. This will make things less stressful for you and will allow you to work more efficiently.


Check for Damage

Make sure you check all clothes for damage before you start laundry jobs, such as garments that have been damaged with too hot an iron or fraying on knit jumpers. Set the damaged items aside so you can show the customer that you have not caused the damage.


Be Honest

If you do damage an item, be honest with your customer and be prepared to cover any costs or offer to do the next load for free.


Offer Extra Services

If you can sew, think about offering your customers garment repair for an extra fee. By offering to prolong the lifespan of your customers’ clothing, you’re likely to secure long term customers and they may even recommend you to friends and family.


Get Clued Up

Whether you’re looking to offer freelance laundry services or work at a professional laundrette, make sure you know how to wash, dry and iron a variety of materials.


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If you have any questions or know of any other ways to get paid for washing clothes, please let us know in the comments below.

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