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Craft Business Ideas - 50+ Crafts to Make & Sell at Home 2021

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Thousands of people across the UK have turned their crafting hobbies into viable work from home jobs. If you're just thinking about starting your very own craft business, we have got some inspiration and ideas to help get your home craft business started today!

crafts to sell online

If you are a skilled crafter and have a product to sell you can build a business selling your craft from home. Sellers can reach thousands of potential customers online via websites like Etsy, eBay, and Not on The High Street making it easier than ever to sell your craft online.

Craft Business Ideas

craft business ideas

Crafting does not have to be just a hobby; it can become a great way to generate income.  Here are 50 of the best craft ideas that you can transform into a profitable, work from home business in the UK...

Crafts to Make and Sell in 2021



1 - Photo Editing

Photo editing software experts could offer to edit photographs for clients, providing changes from simple colour adjustments to arranging images in attractive collages. You could pick up freelance clients on sites such as Fiverr and UpWork.



2 - Pottery & Clay Crafts

Despite the simplicity of the raw product, clay is an extremely versatile product and could be used to make a diverse product range. With clay, you can create everything from useable household items such as plates and bowls to decorative sculptures and jewellery. You could also take advantage of the popularity of at home kits and make up your own DIY kits with instructions.


3 - Painting


Skilled painters can create their own original paintings and sell them on canvas, wood or posters. You could even take custom orders from potential clients and help immortalise beloved family photos or pets.


4 - Print Design  

If you enjoy creating your own designs you could be well on your way to creating a craft business already. Now you just need to transfer them to physical products such as posters and canvasses. Redbubble is a great place to start as it enables sellers to upload a design and sell a wide range of products using that design.


5 - Greeting Card Design

Another way to generate profit from your art is to feature your design on greeting cards. People still love to send physical cards. If you believe your art could bring a smile on a special occasion, what is stopping you? A number of online greeting card retailers allow independent artists to upload their designs to the site and sell them One of them is Thortful.

Check out Thortful


6 - Tote Bag Design

Tote bags are the perfect blank canvases for budding craft business owners because almost any design can be placed on them. You can show off another crafting skill too by embroidering your designs onto bags or printing an original design onto them.


6 - Embroidery


This versatile handcraft is at the forefront of many craft businesses, and that’s why it is at the top of our list! Embroidery is a popular way to add both personality and customisation to many items including t-shirts, tote bags and denim jackets. You can set up your very own Etsy shop.

In addition to creating finished designs, you can also sell embroidery patterns as a separate product so others can create your designs at their leisure.


7 - T-shirt Designing

Or you could make your mark on fashion by designing a range of t-shirts with your original design ideas. If you think you have an icon or phrase that should look good on a t-shirt, go for it! You could also sell your personalised products on Zazzle.

Check out Zazzle


8 - Sticker Making

Creating and selling stickers is a great way to make your art easily profitable and help you generate an income online.


9 - Diaries & Notebooks

Your next craft business could be centred around stationery products and diaries are a great place to start. You can personalise them with your own designs and help people plan everything from their daily workouts to meals and more.

Who doesn’t love a good notebook? Notebooks are another great stationery product you can create from your own home and personalise with your own designs.


10 - Calendars

Alternatively, you could create your own calendars and sell them to people online.


11 - Calligraphy

Calligraphy is a great craft to know if you want to start a craft business online. You could help people add an artistic touch to their branding, letterheads, wedding favours and more.


12 - Craft Blogger/Writer

You could share your crafting skills and know-how with others by setting up an online blog and then generate income from adverts and affiliate links.

Make Money blogging


13 - Social Media Influencer

Alternatively, you could set-up a social media account and attract a following to share your crafting tips across a range of social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.


14 - Photography

Keen photographers can build a business online by selling their images to a customer online as prints. Alternatively, websites like Alarmy, Shuttershock and Adobestock pay for images when people download them.



15 - Knitting

Scarves, hats, jumpers, blankets, and more, the possibilities with wool are almost endless. You just need wool and knitting needles! When restrictions ease you will be able to sell at craft fairs as well as online. Lovecrafts is a platform dedicated to selling craft. You sell your own unique patterns so that can people create your designs and sell the pattern as a product.


16 - Digital Art

If you are a skilled digital artist, you could create custom prints using digital software and sell them online.


17 - Tutoring


You could generate income with your craft skills by offering tuition to people who want to learn your skill, offering guidance and support when needed.


18 - Colouring Books

If you are a keen illustrator you could create designs for a colouring book. Now popular with both adults and kids, you could create a colouring book for just about anyone.


19 - Paint by Numbers

Alternatively, you could create your own paint by numbers kit to sell to customers.


20 - Animation

If you are a keen animator you could produce and sell short videos to businesses and private clients.


21 - Online Courses

You could create paid online courses about your craft skill and include resources like instructional videos and printable instructions. Udemy enables you to create a digital course and you will be paid each time someone takes your course.



22 - Teach Classes Online

Or you could host one-time paid online classes and workshops over platforms such as zoom and skypes. You could even send the participants the necessary materials and complete the craft during the session.



23 - Sewing


Create demand for your sewing skills and offer your sewing skills to people in your local area. Establish your craft business as someone in the know and take on jobs fixing clothing, creating curtains and more.


24 - Clothing

Whether you have ambitions to establish an extensive fashion line or just sell a small number of unique pieces selling handmade clothes online can be a great way to start a business especially as people become more aware of where their clothes come from. There a number of places people can buy clothing from you including eBay and Facebook Marketplace.

Where to Sell Clothes


25 - Textile Designs

Alternatively, if you have a great idea for a textile design you can sell this separately and sell the fabric for others to use as they wish. Websites like SpoonFlower are a great place to sell your designs.


26 - Costume Designer

If you are a keen customer designer, you could establish a business selling and producing different costumes and you could potentially sell them to theatrical productions and see your work on stage.


27 - Flower Arranging

flower arranging

Flowers are a popular gift and common decoration at weddings and celebrations and floral artists will lend their keen eye to making them. Creating beautiful flower arrangements or centerpieces may be the beginning of a successful online business for you.


28 - Wreath Making

Christmas is a time that many of us decorate our homes and wreaths are often a feature. You could sell your wreaths to help people decorate. Embrace your creativity and create a more traditional wreath with winter foliage or go for a more contemporary look with textiles.


29 - Terrarium Arrangements

Alternatively, if plants are more your thing you could sell plant arrangements in terrariums.


30 - Glass Plaques

You can create highly personalised art that your buyers will cherish by designing customer glass plaques.


31 - Furniture Upcycling

You can establish a craft business by upcycling furniture. This cost-effective method of improving furniture may involve painting, varnishing, or restoring old upholstery. Once you have improved a piece it can easy to make a profit, and your work could become a beloved piece in someone’s home. You can buy second hand furniture on a number of websites including Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree.


32 - Woodworking

If your skillset involves carpentry and woodwork there are loads of possible products you can create out of wood including lamps and tables.


33 - Toy Making

You can use a range of craft techniques and materials to make children’s toys like doll house furniture and play kitchens.


34 - Soap Making

soap making

You could use this extremely popular craft to your advantage by creating beautiful soaps to sell!


35 - Candles & Wax Melts

If soap is not really your craft, but you still want to use natural materials to create something that smells beautiful, you could try your hand at candle making.

Fun Fact: Did you know that Yankee Candle started as a small craft business?


36 - Short Story Writing

Skilled short story writers are able to generate an income online by crafting custom short stories for their clients. The desired customisation could be as simple as a name change.


37 - Poems

If you are a wordsmith, but poems are more your thing you could offer your services for others when they cannot find the right words themselves.


38 - Gift Baskets & Hampers

Selling and arranging hampers and gift baskets can quickly become a very profitable business. You could arrange baskets for a special occasion like birthdays and Christmas or make activity hampers and include everything someone would need for a crafting activity.


39 - Basket Weaving

basket weaving

Basket weaving is a great skill to have if you are looking to start a craft business as you could establish a business selling custom made baskets. You can use a wide variety of materials ranging from rattan and fabric to wire.


40 - Keyrings

Pretty much everyone has one, right? Whether you are good with clay, resin or at a whizz at general design, you could make keyrings that people will love.  


41 - Needle Felting

Keen needle felters can use the ancient technique to create a range of charming products including bags and animal figures.


42 - Glass Blowing

If you have the right equipment, you could establish a business producing beautiful glass products including ornaments, vases, and glasses.


43 - Resin Crafts

Become the next crafter to take Instagram by storm and get creative with resin to create figures, plaques and more that people will need to have in their homes. Experiment with colour, texture and form to make the next big thing!


44 - Jewellery

crafting jewellery

Selling homemade jewellery is another great way to start a craft business. You can use your creativity to make everything from clay earrings to beaded bracelets and delicate metal necklaces.


45 - Hair Accessories

Or you could use your craft skills to create fun and quirky hair accessories including fabric headbands, hair clips, and bows.


46 - Pet Accessories

Skilled crafters could also establish a craft business selling accessories for our beloved furry friends. People love spoiling their beloved pets and you could sell a product range including anything from personalised collars and pet clothing.  


47 - Greetings Cards & Invitations

Unleash your creativity by designing your own greeting cards and invites, then sell your creations on eBay, Etsy or Shopify!


48 -  Sculpting


You can use absolutely anything to sculpt, from clay to used metals.


49 - Quilter

You can make your own quilts with fabric and a sewing machine, people particularly love quilts made out of old baby clothes.


50 - Sweet Boxes & Bouquets

A new trend seen all over social media are these amazing chocolate bouquets. They're simple to make and look absolutely stunning.


51 - Celebration Cakes & Cupcakes

So many bakers are working from home now. You can get your home kitchen a hygiene rating, and if it passes, you can sell your creations via a website or Facebook page.


52 - Bath Products

Bath bombs, bubble bath and other lovely bath cosmetics always sell well, especially if they're packaged nicely or have an extra twist such as being vegan or suitable for sensitive skin.


53 - Dream Catchers

dream catcher

 Traditionally a Native American craft, which is now really popular with children to help them relax at bedtime. 


54 - Decoupage

A great craft for beginners of all ages. Customise and upcycle things or create collage art.


55 - Leatherwork

There are lots of different types of leather accessories you can make such as wallets, belts, bags, jewellery and clothes.


56 - Reborning

A type of doll making where the goal is to create a life-like baby doll with realistic features for collectors.


If after all this you have decided crafting isn't for you, why not try one of these work from home ideas


If you have any comments or know about any other crafts that we should have on our list, please let us know in the comments section below.