Cash for Clothes - Best Places to get Cash for Clothing 2024

Cash For Clothes

Looking to turn your old clothes into cash? You can make easy money by selling your pre-worn clothes. Most of us are bound to have unworn or long-forgotten items hanging up in our wardrobes still in great condition, so why not declutter and make some money from them?

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In recent years, buying second-hand clothing has become increasingly popular and as a result, you can now choose from a wide range of places in the UK, websites, and apps to sell your old and unwanted clothes. 

Cash for Clothing

With so many options out there, it may be hard to know the best place to sell, so we have put together a list of the very best ones. Here are our top 15 ways to get Cash for your Clothes...

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 The Best Places to Sell your old Clothes...


1 - Preloved


If you’re looking to sell locally, Preloved lets users search for items based on location and is great if you want to arrange collection rather than send items through the post. Just place an advert and keep an eye on messages from interested buyers.

Fees for sellers: None

Visit Preloved


2 - eBay

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Easy to use with customers all over the globe, eBay is a popular choice for those wanting to sell clothes online. This website offers three selling options: auction, Buy It Now, and Make an Offer.

Fees for sellers:  10% of each sale

Visit eBay


3 - Depop


Although you can sell almost any item of clothing on here, this app is a great place to sell vintage items, quirky clothing, or high-street pieces that are no longer sold in-store. The app is hugely popular with users in their early 20s.

Fees for sellers: 10% of each sale plus Paypal fees

Visit Depop


4 - Vinted


With 37 million members and thousands of brands, Vinted has something for everyone. As well as selling and buying clothes, this site also has an option to swap clothes with members. The app is similar to Depop but with an older target audience.

Fees for sellers: None

Visit Vinted


5 - Quick Cash for Clothes


Save yourself time and money by ordering this door-to-door clothes collection service. If your items are in reusable condition, Quick Cash for Clothes will collect them from you and pay cash on the spot.

Fees for sellers: None

Visit Quick Cash for Clothes


6 - Facebook Marketplace


If you already have a Facebook account, you’re ready to go with Facebook Marketplace. Transactions are agreed online but money exchange takes place in person, so asking for cash is best with this one. If you have high-quality, vintage items this isn’t the place for you, but give it a try if you’re trying to get rid of a large bulk of clothing.

Tip: You can also check out local selling groups on the platform to sell clothing on.

Fees for sellers: None

Visit Facebook Marketplace


7 - Vestiaire Collective

vestiaire collective

This one’s best for selling pre-owned designer items. Vestiaire authenticates items, so people are more likely to trust sellers here than on competitor sites. To sell, your clothing must be from one of 5,000 designer labels on its list and your listed price must be at least £20.

Fees for sellers: £13 for items up to and equalling £130. Vestiaire charges 25% of the sale price for items costing £131 upwards.

Visit Vestiaire Collection


8 - Shpock


Like an online boot sale, Shpock is a cheaper alternative to selling with eBay. Although unlike eBay, Shpock is all done locally, so make sure you can drop off or have your buyer collect the items.

Fees for sellers: None

Visit Sphock


9 - Hardly Ever Worn It (HEWI)


Another one for designer labels, this site is perfect for you if you tend to buy expensive items and not get much wear out of them. As with Vestiaire Collective, HEWI screen all items for authenticity.

Fees for sellers: 18% of each sale

Visit HEWI


10 - Car Boot Sales

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Although not an option right now, car boot sales are a great way to clear out your wardrobe quickly. Bear in mind you probably won’t get the same amount you would from using some of the websites listed above.

Fees for sellers: From £7-£15 per table

Find a Car Boot Sale


11 - Instagram


The popular social media app has many uses, and one of them is selling clothes for cash. You will need to handle the sale privately due to Instagram's lack of a payment engine, so it’s worth noting the platform won’t be able to help if anything goes wrong.

Fees for sellers: None

Visit Instagram


12 - Gumtree


You can sell anything on Gumtree, and that includes clothes. If you’re short on time and want to get rid of bundles of clothes locally and with little hassle, give this website a try.

Fees for sellers: None

Visit Gumtree


13 - ASOS Marketplace

asos marketplace

ASOS Marketplace is for people who sell clothes as a business, regularly rather than people looking to flog clothing now and then for extra cash.

Fees for Sellers: £20 a month, plus 20% commission

Visit ASOS Marketplace


14 - Etsy


Etsy is the best place to sell vintage, hand made and upcycled clothing. 

Fees for Sellers: $0.20 listing fee, 5% transaction fee, 4% + £0.20 payment processing fee

Visit Etsy


15 - Rebelle


Rebelle is the perfect place to sell any old designer clothing you may no longer want. 

Fees for Sellers: 17% – 33%, or €20, commission depending on the price of your item

Visit Rebelle


 We love to hear from you, so if you have any comments or know of any other ways to get cash from your clothes that we’ve not mentioned, please let us know in the comments section below.

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