Tesco 20% off Gift Cards Date 2022

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Tesco 20% off Gift Cards Date

When is the next 20% off Gift Cards Offer at Tesco? Every year Tesco discounts a handful of gift cards by 20% - which is hugely popular and just in time for Christmas. We have the inside information and Sales Calendar for the next 20% offer. 

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Previous year's cards have included Cineworld, Odeon, Vue, TasteCard, Pizza Express, New Look, Gap, iTunes, H&M, Footlocker and Monsoon. Vouchers can be purchased In-Store and online as e-vouchers.

Tesco Offer on Gift Cards

Vouchers are the perfect Christmas or Birthday present, and there's usually an eclectic mix including, restaurants, cinemas, digital vouchers, and fashion retailers -  something for everyone.


tesco 20 off giftcards


Tesco 20% off Gift Cards Date 2022

Next Predicted Date - Tuesday 22nd March 2022


Tesco 20% off Gift Cards Date 2020

All offers were cancelled in 2020


Tesco 20% off Gift Cards Date 2020

All offers were cancelled in 2020


Tesco 20% off Gift Cards Date 2019

Sunday 17th November - Sunday 1st December 2019 (restaurant retailers)

Wednesday 6th November -  Sunday 17th November 2019

Friday 9th August - Sunday 18th August 2019

Tuesday 20th March - Sunday 31st March 2019


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Tips for Tesco 20% off Gift Cards Event

Get the right Cards

Not all cards are included, so be sure to check which ones are included in the offer, also ensure you choose the correct denominations, as they also vary. Check properly that you have received the 20% discount before you pay, as gift cards are non-refundable.

Double the Discount

Instead of rushing out and spending your gift cards straight away, wait until the retailer has a dale or offer on of their own. This way you can get even more bang for your buck.

TRIPLE the Discount

If you don't use cashback websites, you need to sign up to Quidco and Topcashback to earn cashback on your online purchases. By using your discounted vouchers to purchase sale items and going via a cashback website, you get a triple whammy of savings.

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Free Delivery

Delivery charges apply for gift cards bought online, but there is no delivery charge for digital gift cards. So to avoid delivery costs, either buy in-store or see if they have a digital copy available.


Asda also does a 20% off gift cards offer, check it out here

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