Live Animal Cameras - 15 Zoo & Farm Livestreams Free to watch

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Free Animal Livestreams

You can watch your favourite animals, from the comfort of your own sofa via live animal cameras. It's a great way for animal lovers to learn all about these magnificent beasts - you can watch them play, eat, and see what they are up to in real-time.


live animal cameras


From the UK to the USA, there's Zoos, Aquariums and Farms with 24/7 livestreams for everyone to enjoy, which allow you to watch beautiful animals such as Gorillas, Lions, Penguins and Sharks.  

Live Animal Cameras From Around The World



1 - Folly Farm, Wales

Folly farm allows you to watch their waddle of penguins, gaze at their gorgeous giraffes, look in on the lions and follow all their farm animals in the barn via their live animal cams.

Watch Live Here

2 - Dublin Zoo, Ireland

Dublin Zoos webcams offer you a glimpse of the giraffes, zebras, and rhinos on the African Savanna.  You can get a birds-eye view of the penguins or watch the wondrous herd of Asian elephants bathe and chomp on their lunch.

Watch Live Here

3 - San Diego Zoo, USA

San Diago Zoos 24/7 live feeds allow you to gain access to a plethora of animals including Pandas, Penguins, Baboons, Polar Bears, Apes, Koalas, Giraffes, Burrowing Owls, Condors, Elephants & Tigers.

Watch Live Here

4 - Marwell Zoo, UK

Check out what is happening with the live flamingo, Penguin, Giraffe & Lemur cams at Marwell zoo.

Watch Live Here


watch the seals live


5 - Maryland Zoo, USA

Maryland offers live cams on a range of their animals including Flamingos, Goats, Giraffes, Lions, and Penguins.  All feeding times listed on the website.

Watch Live Here



6 - Paignton Zoo, UK

Via Painton Zoo cameras you can watch the cheeky Meerkats, The amazingly graceful Flamingos & endangered Sulawesi Crested Macaque (Monkey).

Watch Live Here

7 - Clearwater Marine Aquarium, USA

Watch the Dolphins, Turtles and other marine life live at the rescue center in  Clearwater. Be part of the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of marine life journey. 

Watch Live Here

8 - Cotswold Wildlife Park, UK

Cotswolds live webcams give you your very own window onto their wildlife park. Watch as the lively Humboldt Penguins go about their day and see the Meerkats as they play.

Watch Live Here


watch the penquins live


9 - National Aquarium, USA

You can experience the National Aquarium via their live cams 24/7. Tune in to watch Blacktip Reef, Jellies Invasion and Pacific Coral Reef livestreams and enjoy a piece of the Aquarium from home.

Watch Live Here

10- Explore Cams

Not a zoo, Aquarium or Farm but a huge collection of livestreams from around the world, with every animal you can imagine.  There are cameras situated in oceans, deserts, nature reserves and more. 

Watch Live Here



11 - Chattanooga Zoo, USA

Check out the Meerkats, Tamarin Monkeys, Spotted Genets and get to watch the incredible Snow Leopards at Chattanooga zoo.

Watch Live Here


12 - Dudley Zoo, UK

Fascinating footage of Dudley Zoos colony of Humboldt penguins and Sumatran tiger pair, Daseep and Joao via their 24/7 creature cams.

Watch Live Here

13 - Monterey Bay Aquarium, USA

Tune in to Monterey Bay Aquariums live webcams to watch sea otters getting up to their antics or to watch the hypnotic drifting jellyfish. With ten live cams to choose from and 1000s of species of fish, you can experience the wonder of the ocean no matter where you are.

Watch Live Here

14 - Kansas City Zoo, USA

Watch King & Gentoo Penguins, Polar Bears & Magnificent Masai Giraffes live at Kansas City Zoo

Watch Live Here

15 - Edinburgh Zoo, UK

At Edinburgh Zoo you can peek at the Pandas and Penguins, check out the amazing Koalas and watch the Tigers in their natural habitat, all free of charge via their livestreams.

Watch Live Here



Looking to keep the kids busy? Check out this great list of Free Educational Resources 



16 - Reid Park Zoo, USA

Elephant Cams in Expedition Tanzania allow you to watch the active elephants 9:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. There's also Lemurs, Giraffes, Lions & Bears on 24/7 livestream at the popular zoo.

Watch Live Here

17 - Smithsonian’s National Zoo, USA

There are Naked Mole-Rats, Lions, Giant Pandas & Elephants live cameras available to watch all day every day at Smithsonian's zoo.

Watch Live Here


watch the lions live


18 - Living Coast Wild Planet Trust, UK

See what's going on at Penguin Beach live on webcam! You will be able to spot penguins and eider ducks. Feeding times are 10.30am and 2.30pm everyday.

Watch Live Here

19 - Houston Zoo, USA

Tune in to the Houston Zoo Webcams and enjoy a live look at animals such as Asian Elephants, Giraffes, Rhinos, Flamingos, Gorillas, and Chimpanzees. You can even move the cameras remotely yourself to have a look around at the animals better!

Watch Live Here

20 - Wildlife Trust, UK

Watch wildlife action in real-time with the Wildlife Trust who provides an up-close and personal view of wild badgers, Birds, Squirrels, and Seals every day, live from the beautiful countryside in Cumbria.

Watch Live Here

21 - Folly Farm, Wales

Watch Folly Farms Barn animals on their 24/7 webcams,  and if you fancy something more exotic you can watch the penguins waddle, gaze at the gorgeous giraffes, or look in on the lions.

Watch Live Here



If you know of any other animal livestreams that should be added to the list, have any questions, please let us know in the comments below...

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