Best Facebook Pages for Bargains, Freebies, Deals & Coupons

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Best Facebook Pages

Savvy Shoppers in the UK Save £100s a year by following Freebie, Deal, Coupon & Bargain Hunting pages on Facebook. Having deals pop up in your feed as you are browsing is a most welcomed way to easily keep an eye on flash buys which you can grab to put away for birthdays and Christmas. 

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Just because a page has 1000s of followers, doesn't necessarily mean they are 'the best', it could mean they have more money to throw into PR, Giveaways, and basically buying their followers.  This is why we have hand-picked these pages for consistency, quality, and helpfulness. 

Bargain, Freebie, Coupon & Deal Hunting Facebook Pages

Facebook allows pages to share links that can be affiliated (meaning they can earn a small commission from sales at no extra cost to you), so this is why Facebook is the most popular place for Money Saving pages, so there are plenty of great ones to choose from.

It's a mistake to think that big followings = best pages in the niche.  This simply isn't true in all cases. The bigger they get the more likely they are to be driven by greed, posting rubbish with no clear pricing just to get you to click the links, or continually posting repetitive items because they have a contract with the brand. 

Lastly, a lot of pages are not true to their niche.  As we were looking through for contenders to add to this list we noticed pages called for example 'UK Freebies & Free Stuff' with not one free item posted in months.  Most voucher/coupon pages have no coupons on at all, It's all just deals and memes.  When I like a page, I expect them to promote what they infer, not what they think they can make money from. 

Best Money Saving Facebook Pages

It's so handy to see these daily bargains in your feed are you're browsing. So, here are 10 of the best and credible Facebook Pages you need to follow in 2022 to Save you Money all year round.

1 - Money Saving Central

Obviously, we'll get the best one out of the way first.  Our Facebook page is packed full of deals every single day. All our Social channels are run by Ashleigh who works her butt off to give our followers the very best deals, up-to-date money news, retail glitches, free stuff, and money saving tips. 

Follow MSC

2 - Bag a Weekly Bargain

One of my favorite bargain hunters, Donna Brough is one of the only deal finders I know of that does it simply for the love of it. All her deals are fantastic, she posts a lot of new-in items and gets 100s of in-store pics from supermarkets daily, so we can browse sales from the comfort of our own homes. 

Follow Bag a Weekly Bargain

3 - Free Stuff UK

We like this page because it stays true to its niche and actually posts freebies every day. I'm sure their impressive 150K followers agree. 

Follow Free Stuff UK

4 -

You should always search for a voucher code before paying for anything online. These guys have something for almost all the UK retailers out there. Their page has over 400k fans and is updated with new codes each day.

Follow VoucherCodes

5 - The Little Bargain Hunter

A lot like our page, this one has an eclectic mix of deals, freebies, money-saving tips, and free resources.  Although relatively small at 70k fans, it's sure to take off when people see its potential and the great deals it posts every day. 

Follow The Little Bargain Hunter

6 - 10 Ways to Have More Money

Another page I personally follow due to its good content.  With a fan base of over 600k, the deals are plentiful and very good. They also post freebies and other money-saving tips, so definitely worth checking out. 

Follow 10 ways

7 - Extreme Couponing & Deals UK

The official page for the UK's Coupon Queen, Emma Mumford as seen on This Morning. There's a good variety of deals posted on a daily basis.  Unfortunately, the coupon side is lacking, but nevertheless, still a good page to follow. 

Follow Extreme Couponing & Deals

8 - Savvy Saver

Another good page for finding deals, with over 120k fans they are a serious contender in the deal hunting community. 

Follow Savvy Saver

9 - Latest Free Stuff

One of the biggest Freebie communities out there right now and we LOVE this page. They have over 280k fans who all help procure the free items they post, which means they are plentiful.

Follow Latest Free Stuff

10 - HotUKDeals

With an impressive 3.6 MILLION followers on Facebook, there's no denying that HotUKDeals is a massive contender in the Deal hunting game. The only downside to them is that they have so many followers, the deals sell out in the blink of an eye. 

Follow HUKD

TIP: To get the most out of these pages, once you have like them, change your follow settings to favourite, otherwise you will not see much from them due to Facebook's ever-changing and ever-annoying algorithms.

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We hope you enjoy following these amazing Facebook influencers.  If you know of any other amazing Facebook pages we should get added to the list, please let us know in the comments below...

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