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Ezoic Review - Google Adsense & Mediavine Alternative

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Ezoic Review

If you own a website in 2021, one of the easiest ways to earn money from your UK content is through ads. Adsense is your first port of call, but their payout is very low compared to Mediavine.  

ezoic ads review

It's notoriously hard to get on Mediavine which is why we started looking for good, UK based ad network alternatives, and how we come across Ezoic. 

Ezoic Review

Have you been declined by Mediavine? (us too) which is why we decided to give Ezoic ads a try and we love it! - here is our review, the pros & cons, and our first months results...

What is Ezoic?

Ezoic is the world's largest ad-testing platform that I stupidly abandoned back last year because I found it too confusing.

They are a Google-certified partner and boast that they can improve your ad revenue earnings by 50-250% by systematically testing lots of different website layouts, ad types, and ad positions.

In a nutshell, Ezoic will help you to make as much money with ads, as well as, figure out how best to improve your site’s user experience.

You put loads of placements on your website, but that doesn't mean ads will show in all of them.  That was one of my big worries, that ads would be plastered everywhere.  You can even set the max amount of ads per page, so if you say 3, it will only show 3 in the best earning placements.

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Ezoic Requirements

The great thing about Ezoic compared to Mediavine is that you don't need 25000 views per month, Ezoic only requires 10000.  Your content should be original, and you need a track record of identifiable traffic via analytics.

Lastly, If you possess an existing Google AdSense or Ad Manager account, it must be in good standing with Google.

That's it! As long as you meet those requirements, you're good to go. 


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Ezoic Pros

 More Money - From my own experience, and other blogger friends, as well as extensive research, there's no one that has tried Ezoic that hasn't doubled their income - with some lucky dabbers even earning 4x as much.

 Free CDN - Ezoic has its own CDN which is free to use, it's also compatible with Cloudfare if you have that and wish to continue.

 SiteSpeed Accelerator - Ezoic has an amazing site speed accelerator, which can take some tweaking but I manage to get my site speeds to high 70s on mobile and high 80s on desktop. This is something I have been struggling with for years!

 User Friendly - Ezoic is super easy to use once you get the hang of it, and if you can't, your account manager will do it for you!

 More ads - Ezoic is a certified partner of Google’s so they are able to put more ads on your site than you can with AdSense.

 Great Support - Adsense support is non-existent, but with Ezoic you have a dedicated account manager and access to support tickets. 

 More Networks -  Ezoic uses dozens of different ad networks as well as AdSense, such as Criteo and Media.Net. So there are more advertisers to choose from, some of which are higher-quality and higher-paying ads

 Premium ads - I have only been with Ezoic for two months now, so I have no experience of this, but they offer a paid-for premium ad service that they guarantee your earnings will be higher.

Ezoic Cons

 Initial Start-Up Support Slow - My account manager usually takes around 24 hours to answer an email (due to the US/UK time difference), which now isn't a problem as it's non-urgent enquiries anyway, but when I was trying to set up, it was quite annoying because I am super impatient - so bear this in mind.

 More Ads - This might not necessarily be a problem for you, but the more ads you have, the more you earn. I was focused on user enjoyment when I first started blogging, but since switching to Ezoic, I have got the taste for the income, so I have added a few more placements.

 Website Speed - Ezoic Ads can slow your site down, and it might take a while to iron out their pagespeed tool. It took me a month of tweaking, back and forth with support and testing until I managed to settle on a combination of Cloudfare, Ezoics tool and JCH Optimize, with all the settings perfect for my plugins. 

 SiteSpeed + Fees - Sitespeed basic is free to use, but you will definitely need to utilise the sitespeed+ features, and these are chargeable from December 2020 and they aren't cheap.  Starting from $29.99 per month for 50K pageviews and increasing in price the more you have. 

 Ezoics Share - You either have to put a small ad on the bottom of your website so that Ezoic can earn some revenue, or pay 10% of your monthly earnings. I have opted for the 10% option simply because I feel fewer ads means a better experience for my users. 

 Payments -  If you choose to opt for the 10% (no ad) option, Ezoic takes their payment at the beginning of the month, whereas they pay you at the end, which is annoying.  I hope they change it in the future so that they take their cut directly from your earnings before they payout. 

 USD -  A mild annoyance but everything is in USD, I'd personally prefer to see my earnings in GBP. 

Our Findings

In short, we switched from Google AdSense to Ezoic and doubled our sitespeed and ad revenue in the first month.

We started on the 1st of the month so we could get a true representation, and luckily we had around the same amount of views for the month we started (September) to the previous month (August) with AdSense. 

Google Adsense Earnings August 2020

adsense earnings


 Pageviews - 180,199

 Average EPMV - £2.52

 Adsense Revenue - £453.98


Ezoic Earnings September 2020

ezoic earnings


 Pageviews - 197,700

 Average EPMV - £6.81

 Ezoic Revenue - £1151.09

Now that is one hell of a difference in one month! Especially as the first month is testing and tweaking, so your EPMV is naturally lower.


You have to take off the 10% fees of £115.19 if you're not opting for the free version, and also there is a 0.15% fee (£1.55) to get your payment via payoneer, and sitespeed plus which is chargeable for my pageviews at £33.92 ($44.25) which leaves a grand total of £1015.06.

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If you need any more information or know of any other good ad networks to rival Ezoic please let us know in the comments below...