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With recent changes in technology, it’s getting easier and easier for us to spend money, which means that day-to-day purchases are becoming more difficult to manage for all types of people: students, tenants, and homeowners alike.

Money Saving Mobile Apps 2018


Being able to make contactless payments creates a seamless buying experience where (just like chip-and-PIN payments) no physical money changes hands, which results in us spending more and more each week.

As banks use technology to make us spend more, certain organisations are using it to help us save more. There are now websites and apps that give full control over finances, helping us manage our spending and cut down on wasteful habits. Here’s a rundown of our favourites:


Chip is an intelligent app that links to your existing bank account. This might seem a little concerning, but it’s fully secure and works in partnership with your high-street bank. The app monitors your spending and, using this data, calculates where you can make big savings.

This clever app also calculates how much money you can afford to save each week, and puts the money aside into a separate account for you, meaning you can save cash without ever having to take an active role in it, making it perfect for the clumsy saver who can’t quite get to grips with putting money away. Because this app does the hard work for you, it’s ideal if you want to save for a holiday or you need to get out of an overdraft – putting that money aside without you ever knowing that you have it to spend.



Whether you’re shopping for food, clothes, or just about anything, you’ll probably notice that particular items don’t just appear in one shop. In fact, many retailers will sell the same products, and it’s up to them what they charge for them (up to a point). This means that the same items are on sale for different prices, and if you’ve got the capacity to look for them, you’ll be able to find yourself a deal.

The problem with this is that you can’t physically visit every single shop that sells that product – even if you’re just looking online (well, you can, but you’ll spend your life doing little else!). Fortunately, mySupermarket will offer price comparisons on just about everything, and all you have to do is scan the barcode and wait for the offers to load up. If you’re holding the cheapest option, then go ahead and buy it; if you’re not, move on and get the cheaper deal.




High-street banks have physical branches that cost money to run, and these overheads are often what make high-street banks’ services so expensive for us all. Monzo brands itself as the bank of the future: fully digital with low running costs. This makes things cheaper for the person using it, and this allows Monzo to give back to the user.

The best way to utilise your Monzo account is to treat it as a current account, using it as a bank for day-to-day spending while your high-street bank is reserved for savings. The Monzo account comes with a handy app that allows you to set budgets and monitor what you spend your cash on, making it a useful way to work out where you could be saving money.

Stay Connected to Your Finances

Technology is changing the way that people manage their lives, and your finances are no different. Whether you’re looking for the latest deals or you just want to cut down your spending, there are websites and apps out there to help you, offering an alternative way to manage your money. Make the most of them!

And as always, if you know of any other great ones, be sure to let us know in the comments below



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