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Reciept Scanning Apps

Receipt Apps are becoming ever more popular in the UK for Savvy shoppers who love to take advantage of a freebie.  So here are the Best Receipt Apps to make a bit of extra money and bag free stuff in 2024.

reciept scanning apps

Can you make money from your everyday shopping?  It turns out you can! There are so many ways of making a few extra pounds here and there and one of the easiest ways is by simply taking pictures of your receipts.

Receipt Scanning Apps

reciept apps


What is a Receipt scanning app?

There is a multitude of apps out there that you can sign up to that will give you rewards, vouchers, and even cashback on your everyday shopping just for submitting your receipts from everyday shopping.

Most of them work with the major supermarkets and retailers so you won’t even need to change your shopping habits to take advantage and start earning money from your receipts.


Why do companies pay to see your receipts?

First a quick note on why companies would even want to pay you for your receipts.  The simple answer is – they want your shopping data.  Many of the big retailers spend huge sums of money to understand their shoppers' likes and dislikes so that they can focus their products and sell you more of what you love.  It’s as simple as that.  

What you’re doing by sharing your receipts is letting them know what you like to buy, and they pay you in exchange for that information.  It’s a win-win.




Shoppix is one of the most popular receipt apps at the moment and their process is very simple.  You take a picture of your receipt through the app and they reward you with tokens.  These tokens can then be cashed out for vouchers or money.  It’s as simple as that.

Shoppix accepts pretty much any receipt from purchases within the last 7 days, which is great.  So your food shopping, clothes shopping, nipping to the corner shop for a snack.

There are a couple of things to note - It must be the original itemised receipt, but, not an invoice or PayPal receipt.  The receipt must also have the shop name and date clearly visible.  They don’t accept receipts for travel, ticketing, hotels, or financial services either.

You receive roughly 25 tokens for each receipt you upload.  You can also get a bonus of 5 tokens if you upload your receipt within a day of the purchase.  There are additional bonuses for filling in short surveys through the app and being consistent with uploading receipts, which is also great.  

You can cash out your tokens as vouchers for iTunes, love2shop, amazon, or even PayPal if you want more flexibility in what you do with your earnings.

To give you an idea of how much you can earn:

£5 = 3200 tokens

£10 = 6000 tokens

£20 = 11500 tokens

What we love – a easy-to-use app, and some great cashing-out options.

Available on - IOS & Android





Huyu is very similar to Shoppix, though their focus is on receipts from the main supermarkets – ASDA, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Aldi, Lidl, and Co-op.

Their receipt submission is the same process – take a photo through the app of your itemised receipt showing the shop name and date.

For each receipt, you submit you will receive points, and once you reach 500 points you will be able to start redeeming them as vouchers at various online and high street shops.  The shops on offer vary, and you’ll be able to see what’s on offer on the redeem page of the app.

Huyu also accepts online receipts, which is a real bonus!  The process for this is simple too. You forward your email receipts for any one of the major online supermarkets (including Ocado) and Huyu will give you your points.

Bonus points can also be earned by filling in surveys on the app, and they do referral codes to get extra points for roping in your friends too.

What we love – Accepting online receipts too is a real plus.

Available on - IOS & Android




SnapMyEats accept receipts for any food or drink purchase whether is a food shop at a supermarket, something to eat and drink on the go, or even fast food and restaurants.  You can upload your receipt for just buying a chocolate bar!

They have a really simple rewards structure too – earn £1 for every 5 receipts you submit per month, up to a maximum of £5 (25 receipts) each month.  Once you have a balance of £10 then you can redeem for vouchers at some of the biggest retailers like amazon, google play, and costa to name a few.

What we love – simple reward process and even the smallest shop counts as one receipt.

Available on - IOS & Android





ZipZero is a receipt app that functions a little differently, however, in that they will only pay out towards your household bills – so your gas, electricity, water, phone, internet, or council tax.

They give you 0.5% of the value of any purchase every time you send them a photo of your receipt, and you can earn up to £50 per month.

What’s particularly great about them is that you can use receipts from any shop, so no need to change your shopping habits.  They also payout to any utility company, so you don’t need to change your providers either.

It’s a nifty little app that will reduce your monthly bills leaving you with a bit extra to spend each month.  That sounds like a win to me!

What we love – money towards your monthly bill is a fantastic trade-off for taking photos of your receipts.

Available on - IOS & Android





Checkout smart works a bit differently, again, to the other apps.  It works like this - you browse the offers on their app, shop-in-store, or online for the items on offer, then upload the receipt as proof of purchase to get cashback.

It’s a little bit more work than some of the other apps, having to search through what products you can earn from that week.  But if you’re usual shopping matches the items on their offer list then the cashback amounts can really add up very quickly.

Their list of retailers that you can earn cashback from is impressive too – all the major supermarkets (including Ocado and Marks and Spencer), as well as shops like Boots, Superdrug, and even Spar.

What we love – With a bit more effort this receipt app can be a really good earner every month.

Available on - IOS & Android





ClickSnap is another great cashback receipt app that works the same way as CheckoutSmart.  You browse the offers, buy that item, and submit your receipt as proof of purchase to get you cashback.

They have offers from all the big supermarkets (excluding Aldi and Lidl), and the cashback you can earn is very good.

You can even redeem the same offer multiple times each week if it happens to be an item you buy often.

What we love – Redeeming the same offer multiple times can give you a real boost each month.

Available on - IOS & Android





GreenJinn is the third of our cashback receipts app, and as the newer kid on the block, they are making some big waves.  They only work with Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and Waitrose at the moment (more shops coming soon) but that hasn’t stopped them from paying out nearly £4.5million in cashback in 2020.

They also have some great and unique features, like being able to tailor their offers around your lifestyle.  Are you vegan? Gluten-free? No worries, you will get personalised coupons every Monday, so you can earn cashback on the items you actually buy.

They also have a really low payout limit of just £1.50, which is great and is paid straight into your PayPal or bank account.

Their cashback coupons are sent to you every Monday and are usually valid for a week.

What we love – Tailored offers are great, particularly if you have some specialised buying requirements.

Available on - IOS & Android



Receipt App Tips

Get paid multiple times for the same receipt

There is nothing to stop you from having an account with more than one of the apps above and using the same receipt for all of them.  So, you can multiply your earnings per receipt by the number of apps you have.  Why not search for the cashback offers on ClickSnap or GreenJinn, then send the same receipt to ZipZero to make those savings on your monthly bills.  Then share the same receipt again to earn tokens to cash out on Shoppix.

The £££ could start to stack up pretty quickly using these receipt apps, and all for nothing more than you going about your normal life, shopping where you always shop and buying what you always buy.  


We’d love to hear how you get on with these apps, so please do let us know in the comments before if you download any and how you get on…

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