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  We are always on the look out for bloggers to share their expertise with our fans!

Guest Bloggers Wanted

Money Saving Central is now offering other bloggers in our niche the opportunity to publish articles on our money saving blog - So if you’re a blogger or writer looking to reach a new audience you have come to the right place.

Anyone can submit relative stories and posts to us as long as they are well written, and adhere to our guidelines, which you can find below...

Articles should be original pieces of work and not published anywhere else on the Internet (we will check).

Written content must be a minimum of 500 words and ideally above 1000 words.

Posts can be a photo essay/video essay, as opposed to written content but please enquire before producing.

What We’re Looking For...

Great articles that provide useful tips for saving money, finding freebies, acquiring cost priced items, frugal living, finding coupons, seasonal savings, recycling items, slashing debt, cutting costs, reducing bills, cheap days out or anything you think our readers will find useful.

Articles are solely to provide our readers with great content and tips, not for your self promotion.  Any articles found to be spammy will be rejected. 

What You Get Out of Writing For Money Saving Central?

1) A platform to share your expertise.  Sharing with Our Community: Your post – insight, tips, advice – will definitely provide a source of information and can be used as a guide when others are trying to save some money whilst shopping online.

2) 1 link in the form of a featured Bio: With each post that we publish you will be able to include a short bio (100 word limit) with a link to your preferred social media channels, website, or blog. You will also be able to include a head shot or website/blog logo with your bio, which you can submit with any other photos that go along with your post. In some circumstances, we will allow the link to be part of the article if relevant. 

3) Your blog post shared with our Social Media followers - Please note* you will be expected to share the article with your followers, once this has done, let us know and we will reciprocate. 

What We Expect From you

There is no cost involved in submitting a guest post to Money Saving Central.  We do however expect the article to be shared to your followers, a minimum of three accounts with preference taken to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, please link our social media accounts in with the share. 

What to Expect After Submitting a Pitch...

1.If your pitch has been accepted, we will contact you via email to provide requirement details for the article.
2. After your draft is submitted we will be in contact with you to request any edits/changes, photos and any other details we many need from you for your blog.
3. Your work live on Money Saving Central within 24 hours.

Points to note

Links to your own website inside the article will only be considered if completely relevant.  The links to your website will be included in your bio.  Due to the nature of our website, we will not include self-promotion of your website for things we provide such as deals, Seasonal Picks etc.

Google ads will be placed inside the article and some text may be linked to affiliate websites and other pages within Money Saving Central.

What are you waiting for?

If you have an idea or even a story you would like to share on our website get in touch with us and we’ll get the ball rolling. Simply email your proposal to info@moneysavingcentral.co.uk with the subject line: Guest Post Proposal



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