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Coupons are a great way to help you save money on regular day purchases. These can translate to hundreds if not thousands of pounds saved every year. That extra cash can be put towards something else like a holiday.

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We want everyone to be able to save some money here and there, so we have 7 ways to boost your savings using coupon vouchers.

  1. Use coupons on sale items

This method will give you the biggest return on investment. It kind of works out as a double saving. It’s on sale anyway so you’d may as well squeeze as much out of the price as you can.

Ok, it might mean you have to wait for your favourite item to be on sale in the first place, but you will end up saving a lot more.

Think about it like this: would you rather save 50p when it’s full priced at £5 or save an extra 50p when it’s on sale at £3?

  1. Sign up to your supermarket’s loyalty program

For shoppers that always go to the same store, look at signing up to their loyalty program. You will often get access to offers ordinary shoppers do not. You will likely get a card, for example a Tesco Clubcard or with Sainsbury’s, a Nectar card.

By signing up, you will get extra coupon codes through the post or codes on an app to scan at checkout. Their social media pages may also give away codes that can help you save next time you go shopping.

There is an added benefit of signing up that doesn’t relate to just in store. These programs may allow you to build up points which don’t even have to be used in store. If you save up enough, they can be used on a day out activity, like cheaper or even free theme park tickets.



  1. Visit online coupon websites

There are websites online that will have a whole selection of different coupon codes that will help you save on spending.

The benefit to using these sorts of websites is that they have all the work for you. They will have found every coupon available for that store and placed them in an easy-to-find location.

  1. Be on the lookout for sale cycle

This is taking saving with coupons to the next level. Stores, especially supermarkets, will regularly have sales on a certain type of product on at a certain time. One week it could be biscuits, the next week it could be cereals.

If you can identify the pattern in which they rotate their sale items, you can get the most value from your coupons.

It’s an advanced method on the first money saving tips but with extra planning involved. Combine your coupons together to create an even bigger saving.

  1. Sign up for their newsletter

It would be more efficient to get updates via email than through the post so sign up online for convenience.

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By keeping up to date with the latest news from a store, you will be on hand straight away if they include a code or extra coupon voucher as part of their weekly/monthly email.

If you would prefer not to get your own email clogged up with newsletters, create a separate account to dedicate these emails to be sent to.

  1. Big ‘value’ products may not actually be worth it

Check the difference in pricing between what it would cost to buy the larger item or two of the smaller, cheaper options. You may have a coupon code that will save you money on the smaller version.

In terms of food, a lot of the time, this works best when you are buying packets of meat or soft drink bottles. When it comes to non-edible products, things like hand soap or washing up liquid are the best products to look for a saving.

It’s always worth checking to make sure you are getting the most value for your money.

  1. Save while you can

If this means buying a lot of products that are on sale and you also have a coupon or two, stock up your trolley.

This works particularly well on products that are non perishable, for example your hair shampoo and conditioner.

It will not hurt to have extras around the house. When you run out of one bottle, you don’t need to worry about buying it at full price because you’ll already have another two bottles at home.

These are just our 7 top coupon saving tips.

If you have more of your own, be sure to let us know.


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